Wreckage, Though a Day Late


Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

My sincerest apologies for being late on my post.  As I mentioned via text, after my tattoo appointment, I wasn’t feeling really good.  I basically scooped up the puppies, who were oh, so very adorable, and went to bed.  After drinking lots of delicious Powerade.

This week was kind of rough, even though it was only four days.  For some reason, the kiddos were not being very polite, which results in problems for me.  Thus, cranky teacher was unleashed.  That being said, we’re almost to our first midterm.  Which means I’m almost one-eighth done with this school year!  Time is moving quickly.

(There’s a lot of singing in How I Met Your Mother this season.)

On Friday, I took the girlies on the best dog park day ever!  Nyxie actually played with other dogs.  But, I’ve realized I have to take her on the small dog side for her to enjoy herself.  So, even if there’s no one over there, that’s the side for us.  Since I knew I was going to do a whole lot of nothing yesterday, I was productive after the park.  Then the most miraculous thing happened, the weather turned terrific.  This means I can indulge in pumpkin needs, finally!  As long as it stays this way, of course.  But for real, the girls and I are so lazy and happy right now.  It’s basically paradise.

To answer your question, we typically put the show on during band camp as quick as possible.  And then ran the whole thing semi-often to build up endurance.  I’m sorry your days were so busy.  You know, they say Junior year is the hardest one.  Hopefully you can get through all of this, and it’ll be smooth sailing afterwards.  Just as you deserve.  As you know, if you ever need to actually understand math, you can always call Sparhawk for help.

On to the wreckage!

My postcard this week was more fun than I thought it was going to be after I made it fancy.  This one is my second farthest traveler as it will be going all the way to Arizona to see Philip.  I don’t know if you can read the front, but I think it turned out pretty okay.

IMG_3081 IMG_3082

Luckily, post moving, I am surrounded by streets.  This made this week’s wreckage pretty easy.


I decided to go out of order because I didn’t have the necessary supplies for the first one.  I’ve realized I’m going to have to prepare for wreckage a little more so that I can actually complete the weekly challenges.

(There’s also a lot of bizarre famous people that come up in this season.)

Anyhow, I once again apologize for being late.  I hope you have fun babysitting!

– Super Koala


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