Wrecking on Time

Dearest Super Koala,

So, as I have informed you, there was a horrible, reoccurring picture upset at school this week. Here is what my alter ego looks like! 


Seeing as we look nothing alike, and are names aren’t even similar, something must have been very wrong with whoever was in charge of picture distribution. Anyway, I guess it was a mistake to call you today because I already told you everything that I would have put into this post. Instead, I will move on the the wreckage.

This week I have decided to send my postcard to Shannon. She is always asking if I would like to go camping with her, but we both know that will never happen. So, to have an alternate, I am sending her the forest card.





On the back I wrote a lovely tale of how we are walking through the woods and stumble across a family of unicorns. We spend the rest of the day hangin’ with them and afterwards we sit by the campfire eating ice-cream and pie. It is pretty much the perfect day in the woods without leaving my bedroom.

My journal this week is the same as yours. However, my numbering pattern started at one, then added seven, then subtracted five,  then subtracted one, and finally added three. I repeated that pattern over and over, and it actually winds up being the actual page number every other page! I really like it.


Well, that is all I have for this time. I really need to not call you on post days.

– C.S.


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