A day late

Dearest Super Koala,

I am sorry to have disappointed you so much by not posting yesterday, but I was incredibly busy, and so much happened today that I am glad that I did not post.

So much has happened since my last post! Thursday was a pretty normal day, I had my saxophone lesson and then homework. Friday, we had our second home football game which was also out eighth grade night when all of the possible new band members get to sit with us in the stands and play at pre-game. My buddy actually turned out to be a clarinet, so she didn’t get to sit with me, but the other little saxophones were really fun. Also, it was a really fun game because we actually got to play because we actually won!!! The score was 21-14! It was really exciting. I guess the only reason I don’t like football games is because our team is awful.

Then on Saturday, we had our first competition. It was at O’Fallon, and as I predicted, we came in fifth. We were fifth in every category of our division. And, overall, we ranged from tenth to fourteenth out of twenty-one in the different categories. On Monday during band, Mr. P had a very stern conversation with us about why we suck (he didn’t use those words exactly, but it was basically the moral), and our rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday went really well. Yesterday and today people started slipping up and talking again, which is frustrating, but at least we have the entire show on the field. Yesterday I had the most homework I have had to do so far. I had to define and write compound-complex sentences for ten words, then I had to do a rewrite of my timed writing, next I had 36 problems of math homework, and I had to do a guided reading packet and a worksheet on the case of Scott v. Sanford for history. It took forever, especially the math. I didn’t finish until 10:15, and then I had to shower. I didn’t even get to practice.

Today was a really good day. During English, my teacher brought our class a cake for two reasons: 1, there was a girl in our class whose 18th birthday was last class, and when Mrs. Walton asked what she was going to do for her birthday, she said that her family didn’t celebrate her birthday, and 2, she said that we seemed to be the saddest, most stressed out class of all of her classes, and she wanted us to relax a little. It was basically the best ever. Then, earlier this evening, we went to go pick out my ring! I wound up getting one of the rectangle ones, but not one that I showed you. I actually got a mens ring, because the ladies ones looked too small on my finger. Mom asked if other kids would make fun of me, and then she started laughing. I told her that if anyone did make fun of me, I would punch them with my extra large ring.

This is what it will look like.

This is what it will look like.

On to the Wrecking!!!

Today I did a page that I actually had to put holes in! It was pretty exciting.





I really liked the way this page turned out, even if it is very simple, and now I have little strings hanging out of my book!

For my postcard, I am sending it to Allison. The instructions are pretty self-explanatory.





I really like both of my pages this week, and I can’t wait to see what yours will be!

– Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. I get my braces off in exactly one week!


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