Wrecking No Where Near on Time

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

Today’s wreckage comes to you somewhat frantically, but it has arrived nonetheless.  For all our readers, whoever you are, that may be curious why this post has come so terribly late, it is because I spent the weekend in the company of the Spazz.  Ergo, it made more sense to post when I got back to Springtown.

As an official notice, post days are going to be adjusted for the upcoming semester.  As a junior in high school, Spazz is just too busy to post on Wednesdays any more.  We’ve made the executive decision to adjust post days.  Hers will now be on Thursday, and mine, subsequently, will be on Sunday.

For my post card there is no before picture as you have already photographed this one.  Instead I have a forest that I created for BBKF.  Since I created the card on the day of Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday, I decided to go with a hobbit theme.  Hopefully BooBoo appreciates this one.


Today’s wreckage was very hard to photograph.  I had a stroke of genius and decided to choose my own method of wrecking this week.  The method I chose was boyfriend.  Sparhawk sat diligently at his desk, hammering a great variety of textures into this page.  He also gave the edges a wavy haircut.  I tried to take the picture at an angle in hopes you’d be able to see it better, but it may just be something that has to be appreciated in person.


My day off today was terribly productive, but I am distressed because I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I should have.  Even though I worked on all my stuff all day long, there’s still so much on my to do list.  I’ll just have to turn it into a list for the week.  I’m always underestimating how much time it will take to do things.  It was doubly sad because my run with the girls was awful.  We kept getting interrupted because Nyx turned into a super diva and threw a fit at everything.  That meant that my breathing was all out of whack, and the run became more stressful as we went on, instead of relieving my stress.  Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.  There really isn’t that much time before the newest 5k.

I’m excited I got to see you this weekend, and even more excited to have you come visit in October!  Hopefully, your Sims issues get resolved.  And if not, I’ll just collect one very excellent Sims 4 copy from you.  Have a wonderful week at school.  I’ll look forward to your new post on your new post day.

– Super Koala


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