Wrecking Precisely on Time

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

My legs and feet are so tired that I just needed to start this post by telling you how happy I am to be laying down.  Post time to savor.  I’m happy I finally got to read your post for the week.  It was pretty adorable.  Send my congratulations to the USS Spazz.

This week has been a rough one, due in large part to my fevery illness.  All I did was sleep and occasionally watch How I Met Your Mother, but for the most part, I was really just sleeping through HIMYM.  I’m hoping this chain of illnesses stops soon.  It would be nice to have an entire week where I feel very normal indeed.  And I need to be running more to prep for our 5k, which is happening so soon.

This weekend my fever finally began to fade, but I still spent much of the time being lazy.  (For shame, because I should have been grading.)  All I really did of note was take the girls to the dog park and get my boyish haircut.  That being said, today was probably my most productive day in a long while.  I’m giving credit to the giant Pumpkin Spice Latte I started my day with.  It was oh so very delicious.  I’ve basically championed all my goals for the day, resulting in my very tired feet.  (Excluding the ones that have to do with grading.  SHAME!)

For my post card this week, I actually sent it off to Sparhawk’s momma.  Out of all the people I know that will be likely to send off the chain letter post card, she is number one.  I gave it a smidgen of decoration, but nothing too much.  I wanted to leave space for other people.  Also, I’m not going to post the official front for the same reasons you did not.


For my wreckage this week, I just so happened to turn the page to this challenge.


I instantly had a brain blast and new exactly how I wanted to infuse a scent.  Candle wax!  Being a crazy candle lady totally came in handy.


Now, the picture turned out kind of ugly, but it smells wonderful.  The red wax is cinnamon and the tan color is vanilla.  The combo is wonderful.  In doing this, I found out that the fanciness level of the candle totally matters to the success of the wax pour.  The red is a Yankee Candle, and the wax dripped really nicely.  It was also incredibly easy to clean up.  The vanilla candle came from Dillons and made a huge mess.  The wax is really creamy and thick, and took way too long to clean up the excess.  However, I like this idea nonetheless.  I feel like I really successfully wrecked this page.

Well, that is it for me.  I look forward to your next post!

– Super Koala



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