Dear Captain Spazzmataz,

I’m glad you’ve had so many exciting things happen in the past week!  I just got the pictures of your Gordman’s goodies, and they are ridiculously adorable.  I find this positively unfair as no one takes me fall shopping but my wallet.  Also, I’d like to steal the first cardigan particularly.  You should probably just go shopping for me, and then ship the clothing here.  Because our Gordman’s is tragically jankedy, sketch, and not nearly as much fun to shop in.  I’ll be looking for the package in 10-15 business days; you have time.

I’m terribly short on time, so this will be a short post.  The quarter is ending this weekend, so teacher time is in full swing.

For my postcard this week, I also made one to send to Pawpaw Milt.  I was kind of sad that I already used my “this day never again” one, but then I found this sign one hiding at the back.  I thought it was kind of perfect.


It makes me super happy that we could send these postcards for such an exciting thing.  Of course the project in and of itself is fun and exciting, but this is extra special.  Plus Milt is awesome, and he definitely deserves a postcard.

My wreckage this week was slightly foiled but ultimately recovered thanks to my autumnal adventure.  I decided to complete one of the early pages, which asks you to get a napkin from a restaurant, write a secret on said napkin, and glue it to the page.  With this in mind, BBKF, Sparhawk, and I journeyed to Cheddar’s, though they did not know about the covert mission.

My Cheddar’s napkins plans were quickly dashed when I realized one essential flaw in my plan.  Cheddar’s has cloth napkins.  And I am just not one of those people.  I cannot steal a napkin from a restaurant, even if it is for our wreckage.  So, instead, I viewed this as a wonderful reason to go to Starbucks, and wrote my secret on one of their spancy eco-napkins.


The world will never know what it says.  Unless the glue stick comes undone, which is slightly likely because it was a very unreliable glue stick.


So, I wanted to continue on my fall outings, but I found this difficult because I had a lot of stuff to do this weekend.  So I decided to treat myself to some fall treats (tehe).  I decided to go with a pumpkin and apple theme, while simultaneously remaining thrifty.  Otherwise I could have gone pumpkin apple CRAZY.

IMG_3159 IMG_3201 IMG_3197

Friday was a pumpkin pie concrete from Andy’s.  Saturday was an apple cider float from Elle’s.  On Sunday, I brought back the ole stand by, the pumpkin spice latte.  I also scooped up some pumpkin apple tea from Teavana, not pictured above.

With that, I’m going to have to leave you.  Sorry this post was delayed, and then semi-rushed.  As I write this, Annabelle and Nyx are curled up on my feet under my desk.  It’s rather adorable.  Since you can’t experience the adorable, I’ll leave you with this fairly precious picture of Nyxie on her way home from the dog park.


Love!  Can’t wait for your post.

– Super Koala


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