Dearest Super Koala,

I am sorry that my post is late-ish. It is still Thursday, but it is after my dictated time of slumber. Shh. Don’t tell.

Anyway, this week had been interesting. On Friday was of course the homecoming assembly, parade, and game. The theme for homecoming this year was “Under the Big Top.” So, during the assembly, all of the teachers went through the bleachers dressed as clowns, spraying silly string and blowing bubbles. It was quite the sight. Also, about ten teachers came out of a mini cooper. I was amazed at how they all fit. I was at school from 7 AM until 9:30 PM. School gets out at 2:05, and we had to be back up for the parade at 3, so I just stayed. In the hour of free time, my friends and I got peppy and glitterfied. We had gold sparkly eye shadow and hair spray, and we drew paw-prints on our faces for the max school spirit. The parade was pretty boring because not many people showed up due to the weather conditions. After the parade, we had dinner and then got ready for the game. It was really exciting because we got two touchdowns within the first minute of the game! We wound up winning 55 to 14. After the game a group of people went to 54th Street for some food. I got soft pretzels with cheese. It was some of the best cheese sauce that I have ever had. The next time you come home we will have to get some. Then on Saturday, instead of going to homecoming (which is incredibly boring) I went over to a friends house and we had a bonfire and Halloween themed snacks. It was a quality socializing experience.

Sunday I was able to sleep in until 10 before anyone woke me up. I was very surprised. As you know, this a very rare occurrence. Anyway, Sunday was a very lazy day, and nothing exciting happened. Monday I actually had a fun AP Language class. Nothing really exciting happened, but it was a good time, and I was happy afterwards which is always an accomplishment. At Tuesday night rehearsal we learned how to jazz run, and now there is some of that in the show. It is really fun, and after more practice with it today, it looks really cool. Wednesday was pretty boring, so there is nothing interesting to document. Today I woke up at 5 AM to a tremendous clap of thunder. It was the kind that shakes the house. Needless to say, it rained off and on all day, and it has confirmed the fact that I should live in Washington or Oregon because this is my favorite type of weather. On a more horrible note, my friend told me the tragic story of how she wound up being late to school this morning. She went to get into her car and realized that she had left her sunroof open all night!!! She said that there was about 4 inches of standing water on her floorboards! It sounded absolutely horrific, and I felt so bad for her. That was the most memorable instance of my day, so now on to the wrecking.

My journal page this week is very uplifting. I chose this one.


I decided to make feel-good messages to brighten up the receiver’s day.


Tomorrow I will place each one in a random band cubby for five lucky bandmates to stumble upon. I really like how they turned out.

As for my postcard, this one will also go to good use.



I am sending this postcard to Tracy because her birthday was recent. I also like the way this one turned out, but I really like what you did with yours.

That is all for this week, and once again, I am sorry to make you stay up late to read this.

– Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. I think you should get Lieutenant Dan. (Just hide him when Dad comes)


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