Dearest Super Koala,

My weekend after my last post was very lazy. I watched lots of movies on Netflix and started re-watching Bones so I can watch the new season. Monday was a regular A day except for the fact that I had a sub in Biology for the fifth time already this year. Tuesday was a regular B day for most, but the sophomores were taking part of their plan test during ANP, so it was a little less hectic. Tuesday night was our last rehearsal for the season! Keeping with tradition, there was apple crisp and ice-cream. Then on Wednesday, I took the PSAT. It was really easy. The only thing that threw me off was the fact that we had to write the statement that makes you promise not to share answers in cursive. I am not a quick cursive writer, so it took me a good five minutes to write one sentence. Other than that, I didn’t think anything was really all that difficult. Today is the first day that there has been sunshine in a week. It was kind of welcoming, but it was also good practice for living in Oregon. Today I also found out that my biology teacher resigned, and now we have a different science teacher that is taking over his classes. I am kind of upset because we didn’t really do anything in his class, but apparently the new teacher is really strict and actually makes you do things. Gross. Anyway, this weekend is my last football and competition of this season. Saturday is going to be such a long day. Because we had so many rehearsals rained out we have to show up at school at 7:30 to practice for two hours. Then, if we make finals, we wont get back until 2AM on Sunday. That is too many hours of awake time. Oh, well, I hope we at least go out with a bang.

On to the wrecking. As I am realizing now, I am going to have to start planning my entries ahead of time, because some take multiple days to complete.

Today was my friend Erin’s birthday, so I made this postcard for her.


Of course I had to make myself the super hero!


For my journal entry I did one that could easily be done from the comfort of my bed.


We both know that this would never ever happen, so I decided to draw my  own bugs. I even gave them cute happy faces to make them even more pleasant.


I think it turned out pretty great.

I can’t wait for your post on Sunday.

– C.S.

P.S. I definitely think we should dye the hoodies! they would look so great!

P.P.S. Nixie looks so adorable sitting all proper like on the bed!

P.P.P.S. I only got to see a few people find their notes. They seemed very confused as to why they were there, but no one threw them away. I didn’t tell them it was me. It shall forever remain a secret. I just wanted to make someone’s day.


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