Sorry About the Wrecking

Dearest Super Koala,

I am terribly sorry that I couldn’t post last night, but I had many things to do to get ready to see you, and I haven’t even done any homework yet!

Anyway, last Friday was the band’s senior night football game, and the football game of the season. Surprisingly we only wore our uniforms to two football games this year. Mom came down to watch so she could see the finished show. There are so many things that happened during this game’s half time that we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to play the entire show. Luckily we were able to, so Mom got to see the whole thing. She really liked it, and afterwards we took a selfie together. It was pretty precious, but she doesn’t really get the concept of a selfie. She gets too concentrated on pressing the button that she forgets to center the photo or really look at the camera. Oh, well. Then on Saturday, we had our final band competition of the season. We had to get to school at 7:30 to have a two-hour rehearsal because we had too many rainouts. Then we loaded everything and took a two-hour bus ride to MIZZOU. When we got there we had a couple hours until we had to get ready, so we went to watch some bands. Our prelims performance was probably the worst run of the show we had in a long time. Everyone didn’t even think we would make finals, and all of the seniors thought that they were going to have to have an awful last performance. However, it turns out that apparently everyone else also sucked because we wound up getting first in our division and fifth best drum line out of all of the bands! It was a surprise to everyone. We would up taking fourth overall in the final prelims tally with Willard, Francis Howell Central, and Blue Springs South coming ahead of us. Everyone knew that we had to take our performance in finals as a second chance to make our last show great, and we did. After everyone got off the field, we knew that we killed it. We would up moving up a spot and took third out of ten in finals. It was the perfect way to end the season.

We didn’t wind up getting home until about 1 in the morning on Sunday, so that day I watched about seven hours of Netflix. It was great. This week has been pretty exciting. Monday I found out that in Biology, since my teacher resigned, we have a temporary sub until they find a permanent replacement. The sub we have is the perfect example of a nerd. I know it sound bad, but he has a bowl cut, a very faint mustache, and a lisp. Also, when we take notes all he does is sit at the computer and reads the slides very quietly to the point where I can barely hear him. Also, he wore the same shirt on Monday and Wednesday, and it isn’t even that great of a shirt. On Tuesday during American History, there was a group of boys that were teasing this one girl who wound up crying in the hallway, and our teacher got super mad at them. It was kind of scary. He was cussing them out and he threatened to take them in the hall and beat them. He was really mad. I have never seen him yell at anyone. Now that Tuesday night rehearsals are done, I moved my guitar lessons back to Tuesdays. It is nice to be back on my regular schedule. Wednesday was when we had our pancake party in jazz band. It was our celebration for Erin’s birthday, and it was much more organized than our first one. This time we put two eight foot tables together and set the table all nice like. While I was setting out the plates, I realized that there were thirteen people, and I was like hey, this is like the last supper! That turned into us taking our own last supper picture! I looked up a picture of it on Google and we got everyone to pose just like in the original painting. Brakefield decided that he didn’t want to be in the picture, so we had to leave out one of the disciples. Later, one of the kids looked up who everyone was in relation to the original painting, and it turned out that the person we left out was Judas. I thought that was really ironic especially because Brakefield wanted to be Judas. I was Bartholomew. Then, we went outside and had a piñata. We let Erin whack it because it was her birthday, but when I spun her, I left her facing away from the piñata. It was really entertaining trying to get her back facing the right way, and she even wound up hitting the side of the building. Yesterday I was surprised by the fact that we had an early dismissal, so it was a pretty good start to the day to know that I had to be at school for two less hours. The rest of the day was pretty typical. Because I had last lunch that day, I got to leave at the beginning of lunch, and got to skip the parking lot nasty. When I got home, I was able to eat lunch with Mom, which was nice. Then I packed, practiced my guitar, and got ready for the Fox. Dad was at a golf tournament for Mom’s work, so we met him at Forest Park and then we went to the City Diner for dinner. I wound up eating pancakes, but it was at dinnertime, so I am going to call it dinner. After that, we still had some time to kill, so we sat in this little park-like area. There was a fountain and some benches, and we looked at potential watches. When they opened the doors, we went inside and sat up by the organist. There we ran into one of Dad’s old friends. It turns out that he works on the organs in the Fox and he opened up the pipe room and showed us what it looks like inside. It was really cool to see all the inner workings of the organ. This show was Dirty Dancing. I have never seen the movie, but the production was really good. All of the shows we are seeing this year I have never seen before. I am excited.

I don’t have any wrecking this week because I forgot the books at home. I know you won’t be happy about that, but I will do two next week to make up for it. Now I am in the car less than an hour away from Springfield! I can’t wait to see you!!!

– Captain Spazzmataz


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