Great Waddling Wizards!


This weekend was a most excellent occasion.  The Spazz and our intrepid father came down to Springfield for some adventurous bonding.  This initially began without me.  Captain and my father went for a tour at Missouri State University, my alma matter and a school Spazz is considering attending.  Once they explored the campus, we met up for a softball game, some delicious dinner, and the acquisition of our run materials.

The run is called Jack’s Wizard Waddle, and it benefits the local area Make-A-Wish foundation.  Everything was very cute and wizardly, and they gave us probably our most awesome 5k shirt to date.

IMG_3247 IMG_3248

The run actually went through my old neighborhood, so that was quite fun.  Despite the temptation to take several short cuts, we ran the full course.  While we didn’t run the whole race, it was definitely the most running we’ve done so far.  We’re getting there.

At the end they gave out these excellent finisher medals, which I guess is a plus to running a timed, competitive race.  Further excitement ensued when the Spazz actually won an award for second place finisher in her age bracket, meaning she got an extra special medal.  I came in fourth for mine.


Afterwards we did the number one thing anyone should do when they’re in the Rountree neighborhood.  We went to Elle’s for some much deserved treats and went to Imo’s to give Sparhawk some coffee and get our picture taken.

IMG_3251 IMG_3252

(Captain Spazzmataz speaking now)

After the run we set forth on the enormous task of bathing the puppies. Because it was warmer this weekend, we were able to do it outside in the kiddie pool. The whole experience is much more pleasant when we do it outside. Then we showered and decided to go to Pleasant Hope’s state softball game. In the first inning, the girls were doing great and scored two runs, but then everything went down hill. The final score wound up being 16-3 with the other team clobbering Pleasant Hope. After the game we went to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy. We have waited so long to see it because we wanted to see it together. It was totally worth it. It was a really great movie because it was humorous and it tied together a lot of the after credits scenes. Then we had a lovely treat of a dozen donuts from Hurts, and when we got home, we feasted. It was the perfect ending to a very fun filled day.



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