Tragedy of Wrecking Tragedies

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I am horrendously late in my post this week.  After failing to do so for legitimate reasons Monday, I attempted to wreck my journal at the dog park, but my experiment didn’t work.  Then, once I arrived home after acquiring sketchy Alli’s drive thru, I was distracted by the passionate agony I experience.  I settled in with my pups, my plate, and HIMYM, only to open my to-go box and discover that my burger was tiny!  It was only slightly bigger than slider size.  Sparhawk’s as well.  Now, ain’t nobody going to Alli’s for pint-sized burgers.  It was so distracting that posting just left my mind.

Luckily, I got my stuff together today.

I don’t have terribly much to say since I’ve talked to you every day since you left.  Did your backpack arrive today?  It most certainly should have.  Please alert me if it has not.  Did you get the email about the new FitBit products?  There’s something called a Charger HR coming out next year, which is great and all, but it’s coming out in a shade of purple that I need to be available for the flex band.  My FitBit life would be so much more excellent if they had an actually purple band.  School has been very dramatic lately.  I think something like eight kids had to leave on OSS, which is just ridiculous.  It was for a particularly dumb reason on their parts.  Hopefully, things calm down soon.  I made our Pinterest board for the Pillow Fort Weekend, something I think should become a tradition.  Feel free to tell me how you feel about any of the ideas/post your own.

To the wreckage!

Since I was short on time, I decided to do the double float challenge that you had previously completed.


Making the boats was more difficult than I anticipated.  Thank goodness Sparhawk was there to assist with the folding instructions because I was so confused.  You know how I am about folding things.


Eventually, the boats turned out.  We named them Queen Mary and Queen Anne, but we didn’t specify which is which.  Feel free to pick for yourself.  As you can see, the boat made from post card had a slight tear that we were afraid would banish it to certain doom.


But they actually both floated really well.  Sparhawk jinxed the torn one by pushing it in the water out of impatience for its demise.  Despite this, it never actually sank below the water.  The wreck this journal page survived incredibly well.  I’ve saved them both in hopes that I can set them adrift in a real body of water some time.  Maybe that pond not far from where I live?

That’s kind of it for this week.  Sorry for my abbreviated post.  To compensate, I have a picture of what Annabelle was doing while I attempted to boat fold.



Super Koala

P.S. You never answered my writing question.  Yay/nay?  Should I take the silence as an, “Of course I’d help, you silly goose,” or as an, “If I don’t say anything, maybe she’ll forget?”  Do tell!  NaNoWriMo approaches.


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