Wrecking Late (with permission)

Dearest Super Koala,

I would gladly help you with your book, but what the heck is NaNoWriMo? I don’t even know how to pronounce it! Anyway, this week has been pretty fun. After coming home on Sunday, Shannalan called me up and asked if I would like to carve pumpkins! Actually, she called and asked if I was home, and when I said yes she demanded that we carve pumpkins, but I didn’t mind. Even though it was the first time I have ever done it, I wanted to make one that was really cool, so I looked on the wonderful world of google and decided to make an owl sitting on a tree branch. I accidentally cut out the wrong part of the pumpkin, but it still looks cool, so I am going with it.


Shannon made a Mike Wazowski inspired one eyed pumpkin, and Travis made a Jack Skellington face.


I think they all turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. Nothing special happened on Monday, just a regular B day. Tuesday I had my guitar lessons and signed up for solo and ensemble. I am going to do a solo and a saxophone quintet. If Wind Symphony gets 100% participation rate at solo and ensemble, then we won’t have any rehearsals during ANP next semester! That would be the best ever. Wednesday was the band banquet. It is really upsetting that I had to sign so many senior books. I am going to have zero friends next year. I took up an entire page in Shannon’s book. Thursday I had saxophone lessons and lots of homework which was another reason why I asked for a Friday date. Friday was fun. I dressed very Halloween themed to school, and then we went out to Aaron’s house for trick-or-treating with the kids. We just went up and down their street, but it was really cute to see Tanner waddle up to the doors. I took the sister bag, the second reason I asked for the Friday date, and I was so glad I had it. Before we got there, Mom insisted that we got something for the kids, so instead of buying them more candy, we stopped an Shnucks and got them cookies. We got the ones from the glass case, and the smallest container they had was a white paper bag. When we got to the checkout I realized that because I had by bag, with markers in it, I could decorate the bags. I wrote Happy Halloween on them and drew a pumpkin. It turned out really cute. Tanner was dressed as a garden gnome and Ady was Super Girl.

20141031_182855(look, you can see the bag in the background!)

After we got inside, Heater showed up with Jaden, Winter, and one of her friends, so then I took them around the neighborhood too. It was so cold, and my face was pretty well frozen by the time we got inside. Winter and her friend were dressed as babies and Jaden was the Scream. I am surprised he dressed as that because he was afraid of some of the decorations. When we turned around to head back Jaden asked if I would carry his bag, but I told him if he couldn’t carry it then he had enough candy. He carried it the rest of the way. That was the extent of my week; now on to the wrecking!

For my wreckage this week I decided to get a little messy.


I bundled up and waltzed right into the backyard to get some dirt. Here is how my master piece turned out.


This next one was pretty fun.


It didn’t get as dirty as I thought it would, but it is all about the journey.

face down on the ground

face down on the ground

kicking it in the dirt

kicking it in the dirt

kicking it in the grass

kicking it in the grass

finished product

finished product

My book doesn’t close anymore.


For my first postcard, the messy theme continues. Mess is even in the title.


It took me a long time to figure out what to do with this page, but I finally figured it out. Tye-dye!

before water

before water

after water

after water

I guess it was a little on the clean side, but based on the wetness of the card, I don’t think I am going to be able to send it.

For my second postcard, I used this one.


I started by scraping into it with a stick, but that didn’t work to well. Then I went inside and got my exacto knife and reenforced the scrapes. I realized that when sending my postcards, your original one fell behind my desk, so I still have it. Whops. I will mail it tomorrow along with my carving to make up for it.


That is all for this week! I can’t wait for your post and your very fastly approaching visit!

– C.S.


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