The Rules

Dearest Super Koala,

I am very sorry that I did not post on Thursday, but my week was very boring until you got here. Everything was very typical, so there really was nothing to report. However, I should have at least done my wrecking, but I didn’t, and I apologize.

For all of our readers, Super Koala and I have each constructed savings boxes. In our boxes, we will collect money based on a few rules. These are mine:

1. Place $1 in the box every time I get 10,000 steps in a day.

2. Place $1 in the box every time I finish a book.

3. Place $1 in the box every time I practice for at least 30 minutes.

4. Place $2 in the box every time I run three days in a week.

5. Place $3 in the box every time I babysit.

Our first goal is to save up for these really cute scrap-booking sets and our next run.

Here is what my box looks like after decorations.


We both started out with very similar boxes and decided to decorate them with stickers, paper, and anything else we saw fit.


My initial decorations left the box looking like this. We both got a fancy 3D Europe sticker because that is our ultimate goal. The front of my box was enhanced with really pretty swirly rhinestone stickers, and I attached a piece of paper to the top with photo corners.


the other side of my box looks like this. If you can’t read the saying it says, Our journey is bound for amazing adventure, fun memories, and scenic views. I used a variety of stickers to create it.


This is the completed top of my box. I plan on collecting things from future adventures to continue to decorate it with, but this is how it looks for now.

That is all for this week, and I promise to properly post this Thursday.

– Captain Spazzmataz


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