Intense Wrecking

Dearest Super Koala,

I think this is the first time since school has started that I am posting before I shower! It is quite an impressive feat, but becomes less so because I didn’t have any homework for tonight. Oh well. I am still proud of myself.

I have been pretty lazy this week. I only have three dollars in my box. I will step it up for next week. I plan to get at least five dollars every week. Speaking of my box, I wrote my rules on the back panel because I keep forgetting what they are.

20141113_193730Ta Da!

On Monday, I was mega lazy and watched much Chopped, and only roller skated slightly. Tuesday was my only stressful day because I had to do two and a half hours of math homework (however I did some of it in History). Wednesday was very relaxed, and we got to play with packing peanuts in jazz band. It was a pretty fun time. Today has also been a very lazy day. All I had to do was saxophone lessons. So I guess my week was once again pretty boring, but at least I posted!

For my wrecking this week, I was very dedicated. I decided to send my postcard to Aunt Susie.


I didn’t necessarily use them as holes, but I definitely used them as circles.


I think it turned out pretty cute. My journal entry is where the true effort took place.


I went hardcore and made a strap that I sewed together and glued it to the front and back cover, and it turned out really great.


You can’t tell from the picture, but I even used a fancy stitching pattern on the edge. I am pretty proud of myself.

That is all for this week. I can’t wait to see what you destroy next week.

– C.S.

P.S. I found these pictures on my phone

20141112_134937 20141112_134938(0) 20141112_134938(3)

There are 16 others like these. Oh Shannon.


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