Celebrity Wrecking

My dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I’m terribly sorry this post did not arrive sooner.  I got terribly sidetracked watching documentaries with Sparhawk, which is semi-unfortunate because I really was ready to post.  However, I simply have to tell you about this documentary.

It was called Alive Inside, and it’s about the effects of music on the elderly, particularly those with some sort of mental hindrance.  It was so incredibly fascinating.  I really think you should watch, for your love of music, and Mom should watch it because Nonno.  I was a big baby and couldn’t watch the whole thing.  It got too sad, especially with this one elderly couple holding hands.  It just hit a little too close to home.  I think it would make Mom, and maybe you, sad as well, but I also think the idea is really genius and might be worth trying with Nonno.  You’d have to watch it to get what I mean.  And you could also turn it off if it got too sad.

The whole thing actually gave me an idea for some sort of historical fiction story.  But it would take a lot of research to execute properly.  It might be worth some writing, though.

I really enjoyed your post last week!  Your dinner with Shanalan seems pretty delightful.  I want to see your adventure list!  What kind of shenanigans will you be getting up to?  Do tell, do tell!  I feel like I addressed the rest of your post during our incredibly long Friday video call, which was quite enjoyable.

This past week has been exciting with all my packages arriving.  I just love my new phone, and I received many compliments on both it and my case at school today.  The speech and debate tournament was promising, though very sleepy.  One of my prose performers along with a duet acting team came horribly close to breaking to finals.  They each only missed top six by one place overall.  That was kind of sad, but I’m really proud of them given that it was our first tournament of the year and a very large tournament.  Also, because they didn’t break, I was able to go see Anything Goes at Marshfield.  Eric played trumpet in the pit orchestra, and all together the show was actually pretty good.  I sat next to these delightful old ladies who were very sweet about my sitting by myself and tried to include me in their adorable old lady-ing.

Wrecking, ahoy!

Both my postcard and wreckage were done my students instead of yours truly.  For my postcard, I gave it to Amanda’s creative writing class, which has very few students.  I thought about doing it with mine, but mine is a little too big to focus on it properly.  But they came up with some amusing and some disturbing blurbs for my public space card.  I’m not sure who I’ll give it to yet.  Someone who appreciates the bizarre nature of it, I think.

For my wreckage, I did another choose your own wrecking.  My method of choice was Landon.  Landon, one of my twins, and discovered the book and instantly wanted to do something in it.  So he created this slightly strange crossword themed wrecking that I can only assume is inspired by our words with friends game that he rage quit.  It made me smile.

IMG_3379  IMG_3386IMG_3385

Well, that’s all I have for you.  The rest is for our dear readers, but I look forward to seeing you in just slightly over 36 hours.  Holidays on the horizon!

Dear Readers:

Over the very long aforementioned video call, Spazz and I decided to do something of a sister book club, based off a similar concept by the always idolized John and Hank Green.

The gist of it is that we will choose a book for both of us to read.  We will then try to occasionally read it together over Skype or FaceTime or something similar.  However, when this is not possible, we will be reading separately and then posting our thoughts here on our humble blog.  (Meaning a new category, hooray!)  These posts will probably be short and randomly timed.  There won’t be a set schedule.

Our first book is the semi-scandalous A Million Little Pieces, which I believe Oprah made a big hoopla over a few years ago.  We both bought this book at the St. Louis YMCA book fair and have yet to read it.  If anyone reads this blog and want to read it as well, please do.  I love talking with other people about books.

That is all!  Have a happy holidays everyone!

– Super Koala


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