A Million Little Pieces: 15 minutes late

From the desk of Captain Spazzmataz:

I am terribly sorry that I have not posted today. I sort of lost track of the days and wasn’t prepared for my wrecking this week, so I will be posting tomorrow. Once again, I am sorry that this happens so often.

For this entry of reading, we will be reporting on pages 46-58, which is chapters 6 and part of 7.

Chapter 6 is very intense. It is sort of misleading when it starts out with him dreaming about having left the facility and gone back to addiction, and then he just gets very angry. It is kind of shocking to read about a man destroying furniture in a fit of fury. And then to know then it led to him having to be sedated really puts how awful the scene was into perspective. Although someone else caused it, I do think his reaction was a little extreme.

Chapter seven is much calmer. I think that James would make a huge mistake if he decided to leave, also, I kind of really like Lincoln. I don’t know why, I just do. Roy is really annoying, and I am glad that James beat him up. That’s all I have about this section. We didn’t get to read much because as the title suggests, I was fifteen minutes late to our reading date.

Super Koala Log:

  • p. 46 – Well I’m already depressed.
  • p. 47 – Is he snorting glue and gasoline right now? Is this a thing?
    • Well, happier feelings have been restored.
  • p. 49 – That escalated quickly.
  • Who are these people? Why can’t I remember? I need a character list.
    • Larry (HIV – sorry Larry), Warren, John (sexual ninja) = room mates
    • Leonard = Hawaiian shirt excellence
    • Hank = nice recovered man driving the van
    • Lilly = girl who seems destined to inevitably get him in trouble
    • Ken = counselor
    • Roy = Sir Yells-a-Lot
    • Lincoln = Sawyer unit boss
    • Joanne = nice therapist lady
    • Ted and Ed = sinister Tweelde-Dee and Tweedle-Dum?
  • p. 51 – JAMES SMASH.
  • p. 55 – Occasionally, I’m like, “Why do I find the majority of this book’s characters so unlikeable?” And then I remember that they’re all crazy recovering drug addicts. Or the sterilely presented drug addict overseers.
  • p. 58 – I kind of like his method of quieting a crowd.
  • Due to some schedule mishaps, we didn’t get to read very much today. But that’s all right. I find myself slightly resistant to the utter lack of guiding punctuation in the book. Like really, would it be so hard to indent every so often or use maybe one solitary, triumphant quotation mark? But at the same time I understand the purpose. The action transpires very rapidly and seems to drive much of the story, given that it’s not really a reflective story. The character is too imbedded in his present situation.   I also like this effect that he’s achieved. I wouldn’t say he’s being descriptive, but I still feel like I have a very clear picture of what is going on. The instances of description don’t detract from the fast-pace of the action at all.
  • Kudos so far.



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