I am the WORST (and a dirty rotten liar)

Dearest Super Koala,

I know that you are expecting a fantabulous post, but that is not what you will receive. I have not been very good at managing my time lately and I have been very forgetful. I forgot to bring my wrecking books to school today, so I will have no wrecking in this post, however, I will make really amazing ones on the way down to auditions tomorrow to make up for it, and I will post them on a separate post as soon as I get back.

Like I said, I have been very lazy and busy and forgetful all at the same time this week. Monday I had a Spanish test, and it was the worst I had ever done. Then I had a biology test, but that one went much better, I am pretty sure I aced it. Monday night I had my first All Suburban rehearsal. I really like all of the music we are playing, and it isn’t nearly as difficult as it was last year. Last year’s music was to the point where it was almost too difficult to make it sound nice in the short time that we had. On Tuesday, I discovered the American Film Institute’s list of 100 top movies of all time. Shortly after viewing the list, I decided that I wanted to make a mini life goal of watching all 100 movies. There isn’t a movie newer than 2001, but I have seen some of them and others I want to see, so I think it will be really fun.

Wednesday was probably the best day this week. During jazz band that day, we decided that we were going to do a secrete santa and have a ginger-bread house making contest! It is very exciting. The only bad thing is that I got someone that I don’t really know all that well to give a gift to. Oh well, I will figure out something. For our house making contest we split up into three teams that were drawn out of a hat, and then we came up with rules and plans. Mr. P is going to be the judge, and the criteria are stability, appearance, and theme. We can’t use any cardboard on the inside for structure; we can only build it out of graham-crackers, icing, and candy. I wound up on a team with Mr. Brakefield and my friend Erin! We totally have the best team. It took us a really long time to come up with a theme, but after seeing the phrase Ho Ho Ho, Mr. Brakefield thought of doing a sorority house! We totally went with it and we have a great plan. We will be building them next Wednesday, so I will be able to show you pictures the day after. I am so excited. After that, I had clarinet choir which was really fun this week. Normally it is pretty boring, but for some unknown reason, it was just better this week.

Yesterday I went to the orthodontist and they told me that I only have to wear my retainers at night now! Also, I wont have another appointment for six months. After that I had saxophone lessons, and we picked out what solo  I am going to do for solo and ensemble this year. It sounds really cool, and Mr. Buerk seemed really excited about it. We got home, I did my homework, ate dinner, and then Mom and I went across the street for a jewelry party. It wasn’t bad, and in the end I got some stuff, it is just that they are so boring. I didn’t stay long, but I was still sadly late for our reading date, and I didn’t have time to post. Today I checked my grades, and I have all A’s except for an 89% in AP Language. We have a couple big things to turn in soon, so I am pretty sure that I can bring it up and come out of the semester with over a 4.0! Also, tonight I did the craft fair set up, and I am really upset because I didn’t realize that my fitbit had died! I only got about 300 steps today when I should have made it to 10,000. Anyway, I didn’t have to do the awful job of taping down the electrical outlets like I did last year, and someone brought gooey butter cookies for everyone, so I guess it wasn’t so bad.

I am so sorry that my posting scheduel has been so messed up lately. Hopefully after this one I will get my stuff together and be more on top of things.

– Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. I am just going to give Sparhawk your watch tomorrow, so I wont make a grand watch adventure post. (especially since I forgot to take pictures on Monday and Today, so it wouldn’t be that exciting anyway)


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