Separate Wreckage

Dearest Super Koala,

As promised, here is my wreckage for this week since I kept forgetting to do it.

20141206_190049  20141206_190425

I figured this would be a fitting postcard for today. I cut out the badges before I left this morning, and whenever I saw someone who looked particularly nervous, I gave them a badge. Whenever I would give one away, the person would always look a little confused at first. However, I explained to them my our project and then they felt honored to be apart of it. It was exciting to actually see the reactions of the people who got them this time.

As for my journal entry, there wasn’t one that I really felt like doing, so I made up one when I got home.


After listening to a jumble of loud sounds all day, I had a roaring headache  when I got home, so I laid down, watched some Bones, and doodled in my book. It turned out pretty cool looking too.


I guess that is all seeing as I did the majority of my post yesterday, so I will wait to hear from you on Sunday!

– C.S.


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