Dearest Super Koala,

I am finally posting on my regular day at a regular time! Aren’t you so proud of me!? As for my Happiness book, maybe we shouldn’t talk about that…

This past weekend, as you know, I had All State auditions. You also know that I did not make it, but got to spend a day hanging around with really awesome people who care about music just as much as I do. On Sunday I was probably the laziest person you could imagine. I basically laid in bed all day and watched Netflix. (Why does the computer want to correct Netflix to Linnet?) I got up only to eat, practice, and go to the bathroom. Oh yeah, there was also about an hour and a half of time where Mom and I went up to the craft fair. The only things we bought were food related and mainly in the dessert category. Monday was pretty boring. I had another Spanish test which went much better, and I do still have a 4.0. Aside from that, nothing really momentous happened. Tuesday was very similar. I think all of my teachers are getting very lazy because they don’t want to have to grade a bunch of stuff and have to get the grades in by the end of finals. Wednesday was the day of the week. It was the first ever jazz band gingerbread house making contest. We went in to knowing how anything was going to turn out, and came out with so many surprises. Each team had their own six-foot table to work on, and we had an hour and fifteen minutes to get everything done. As I told you before, my team made a sorority house. About half way through construction, we weren’t too sure how it was going to work.


It wasn’t looking too good, and it took us forever to figure out how to make the roof. At some point, I have know idea how, Shannon got a bloody nose and accidentally got some on her construction. Fortunately for her, it was just on a corner of her board, so she just removed the icing and replaced it with fresh icing. Eventually, we finished building our house, and with only five minutes left, had to put on all of the decorations. It wound up looking pretty good if I do say so myself.


If you can’t tell, there are drunk polly pockets lying in the front yard, and their Greek letters are XXX which translates to Chi Chi Chi. All Brakefield’s idea. Shannon’s team made a beach disaster theme.


Their volcano actually erupted! Another team did a nativity scene.


They weren’t able to get a roof on their structure, but they had a really good idea. The last team didn’t have enough time to finish, but I think if they did then they would have won. they tried to make the house from Up, and it was going really well.


After all of the judging, Shannon’s team won. I have to admit that their presentation was very nice.

After school on Wednesday I went to Mom’s CSI Christmas dinner with her. It didn’t turn out to be so bad, and I got to eat tasty food from Bartolino’s. Towards the end, they had carolers come and perform. They were actually really good, and it was a nice way to top off the evening. Today was a day not unlike Monday and Tuesday. Nothing very exciting happened.

As for my wrecking, it took much longer than I had anticipated.


My journal took no time at all, and I knew exactly who I would give it too.


I bet you can guess who it is for. I plan on decorating it more, but I wanted to make my post before you freaked out. Plus, she isn’t even going to be at school tomorrow, so I’ve got time. My postcard however, took a lot of thought, and I still don’t know who I am going to sent it to.


It took awhile for me to even think of a way to fit all of the words together in a way that made sense, but eventually I got it. (Don’t mind the mistakes)


The words that I underlined were the words from the specific pages of the dictionary. I was originally going to send it to Aunt Susie because she really likes words, and I think she would enjoy this, but I realized that I already sent one to her. Who else do you think I could send it to?

I guess that is all for this week. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!

– Captain Spazzmataz




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