Tragically Absent Wreckage

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

(And anyone else who regularly reads our posts) I’m so terribly sorry that I completely forgot about my post.  It was a hectic time, what with Sparhawk’s graduation, your visit with MamaBird, and the ever stressful finals week.  I’ve had bunches of work to do.  I suppose I didn’t realize how much preparation I needed to put into this week, and I failed to do so this weekend.  Now I much play catch up.

However, it has been a good week so far.  On Monday, I encountered my arch nemesis.  (He who shall not be named, but you know who.)  He said you are surprisingly skilled at Trivia Crack.  I said absolutely of course you were, as you are a very smart girl.  Then the best thing ever happened.  I got a new computer at work.  It’s a laptop, and it’s beautiful.  For a windows computer that is.  However, this is wonderful because I can now take all of my files and computer needs home, where I much prefer to work.  The only downside is that I have no way to charge the laptop at home because I am windows free.  I’ll find a way to work around it.  Sparhawk stayed late at school yesterday evening, so I ordered Papa Johns.  Plus dessert.  I am weak.

Today has also ended up being fairly pleasant.  All of my English III classes were taking a test, so it was a quite day in my classroom.  Tragically, this slightly adds to my finals week stress because these tests are now my responsibility to grade, but c’est la teacher vie.  I don’t know the French word for teacher.  A great and terrible unrest had befallen our quaint little fur filled home, as Sparhawk had misplaced his wallet for the past three days.  The worry of this culminated into a full house search these evening, as he had a considerable amount of cash in there meant for Christmas shopping.  Fortunately, he just found it a friends house, so now we can rest easy and the search can come to an end.

As I type this post, Nixen keeps trying to steal one of my gloves to chew on.  She’s tricksy.  ALSO!  I finished my 75th book today!  I am officially finished with my 2014 book challenge, and can now receive my presents.  And by now, I mean when I next see you.  Which isn’t very far away.  I ordered the mystery box from Julep today, per your recommendation, and had it shipped to the house.  But you cannot open it until I am there, in the event that its arrival predates mine.  I really enjoyed your post from last week (and its timeliness), though I’m semi-confident that I find the drunk polly pockets to be very scandalous.

Anyway!  I am now going to leave you to resume my grading madness.  Eventually, some day the pile will start to shrink.  I am just trying to avoid having to take all of this to St. Louis with me.  That would be less fun.

I’m sorry I have no wreckage to accompany my post.  I promise to double up this weekend.  Good luck on your finals, and I’ll see you in just six days!


Super Koala


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