Wrecking with Friends

Dearest Super Koala,

I am so prepared for this week! I am super excited.

So, I was with you all weekend which was super fun. Then on Sunday, I was super lazy and didn’t get any of the stuff done that I needed to. That in turn led me to rewriting my memoir in history class Monday morning, and studying my vocab during ANP. We had a gigantic vocabulary final in AP Language Monday, and I got the highest score out of all of her AP classes!!!! I was so excited! Then, I told her that I was going to be moving into her 3rd block next semester, and she was upset because she said that the class I am in now really needs me. That made me feel special and important, so Monday was a really great day. Tuesday was also exciting because we distributed our gifts for secret Santa in jazz band. Gracie got me a sheriffs pin with my name on it from Silver Dollar City, and this really amusing party game that is a hat with velcro all over it, and then you throw these plushy poop balls at whoever is wearing the hat. It is called Doody Head. I find it hilarious and it was quite fun. Yesterday I took my history final and got 100% on it! We also took our chapter 16 and 17 test that day and I received a 95% on that. Then during AP Language we had a socratic seminar over The Glass Castle, and I got 100% on that too! And then, I took my math final and only got one question wrong! This week has been really great for grades but not so great for my pants. Before my math final, I was getting testing dividers for my table. I walked in between a desk and the white board, and the little marker tray that sticks out somehow got caught on my pants, ripped them, and cut my leg. It was only a little tear, but they were one of my favorite pairs. It was really sad. Today I took my Spanish final and only missed one question as well. During ANP, we played Mad Libs on my IPad. It was actually fun, because you don’t get to see the story until after you enter in all of the words, so no one could cheat. Some of the stories we came up with were so hilarious. We spent 45 minutes just laughing. Then I took my biology final, and I got a 93% on it. Finals week has been an all around success. All I have left to take is my actual AP Language final. All I have to do is get an 81% on that, and I will finish first semester with all A’s!!!

I was very on top of things when it come to the wreckage this week. I took the books to school on Wednesday and had the people in ANP help me with the tasks I had to complete this week.

For my Journal page I selected this one.


Shannon helped me look around the band room for different things to poke holes with.


First, we went into the percussion closet and poked a hole with the end of a mallet.


Then we located the fake bloody finger that magically appeared one day and poked a hole with that. It was quite difficult to poke a hole with this, and it wound up kind of making a gigantic hole, but oh well.


Then we used a conducting baton, completing the items that we found in the band room. After that, we went back into the gym and looked for things we could poke holes with in there. We ultimately went over and bothered a couple of the freshmen in our section, and got things from them.


I used Travis’s binder clip for poking. (It wound up being the easiest hole poking device.)


Then I used his hoodie string to make a hole.


Finally, I used Lukas’s headphone jack. The completed page looks like this.


I think it is one of the most successful journal page I have ever done, and it is one of the only ones I have done outside of the house. I like it.

For my postcard, I did one that you have already done.


It was the perfect time to use this one because there were so many people around. However, when I gave this to people, it got a little inappropriate, so I don’t think I am going to actually send it to anyone.


Anyway, I guess that is all for this week! I can’t wait until you come home!!!

– Captain Spazmataz

P.S. Since Christmas is on a Thursday, do I have to post then?

P.P.S. What ever happened to the sister bag!? We have seen each other a couple of times, and we haven’t traded the bag. Why are you holding it hostage?! And more importantly, have you taken it on an adventure?????


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