Eventual, Inevitable Wreckage

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

It’s slightly silly to be addressing this post to you as you are currently sitting next to me watching The Dark Knight.  However, I am finally, finally completing my post for the week.  For all readers that may not know, we technically took this week off for holiday celebrations.  But I’m not off the hook for my missing post from this past Sunday.  To compensate, this post will be quite large.

Phase One: The Sister Bag

As pointed out in your last post, it’s been quite some time since I did anything with the Sister Bag.  This is all my fault.  I had planned a really excellent adventure with the pups that involved lots of outside time.  But the weather never once cooperated.  Up until Christmas, it had been weeks since I had seen the sun.  And if the puppy girls don’t appreciate one thing, it’s mist.  To prepare for a Sister Bag exchange, I decided to take the bag everywhere I went for two days.  Keeping this in mind, I tried to go places I particularly enjoyed.

On Friday, I only went two places due to not feeling well.  The first place I went was, of course, school, where it was our last day of the semester.  I have this lovely picture taken inside my classroom door.


After school, I swung by GameStop.  I had forgotten there was one so close to my house.  I acquired the missing to piece to my video game collection, the second Kingdom Hearts installment.  Bliss.


On Saturday, I set out determined to do excellent things.  Unfortunately the weather looked like this:


It stayed gray and misty all day.  Not surprising.  I was not deterred.

I think one of my favorite places in all of Springfield has to be the Humane Society.  But we all know it’s not safe for me to go there.  Instead I snapped this quick picture of it.  Pretend like I was there.

IMG_4597 IMG_4600

I hate taking selfies in public.  Haaaate it.  So I took one in my car before embarkation.  The rest were taken as I walked from the various places.  I made sure to include the bag strap in every picture so you know it was there.

The first place I went was the library.  I felt very proud of my book selection.  I only picked out four books as opposed to my usual, excessive stack, so this feels way more manageable.

IMG_4602 IMG_4603

Next, Starbucks.  I acquired myself one of their special holiday drinks.  And it was completely free.IMG_4604

Next, I spent some time on Pickwick to go by Elle’s and Imo’s.  I took a picture with what should be your bag of macarons.  So dad.  Also, you can see the ever illusive Sparhawk behind the counter at Imo’s and some delicious garlic cheese bread.

IMG_4605 IMG_4606 IMG_4607

The final stop was Hurts Donuts.  I thought about making other stops, but they all involved food or books, so I figured I’d stop with this one.  Obviously, my rainy and chilly Saturdays have a common theme.

IMG_4608 IMG_4609

Delicious.  I don’t think I actually ate one on Saturday.  As you can tell, I consumed a lot of food.  But I always love Hurts.

Phase Two: The Wreckage

As you recall, I owe two wreckings and two postcards.  I have finally completed all of these!

My first wreckage was very easy.  I accepted the cardboard challenge.  I figured it would be incredibly easy, and I was right.

I set out into the basement to find any form of cardboard.  I started to grow semi-nervous.  I found so much cardboard, but it was all attached to boxes.  I didn’t want to destroy something that belonged to Mom or Dad.  Then I remembered the recycling bin, and the challenge was completed.  It only took one minute and forty-eight seconds.  Boom.

IMG_4643 IMG_4644 IMG_4645

My second wreckage was also pretty straightforward.  I attempted to map our typical puppy walk route when the girls and I are in town.  I did very poorly.  Apparently, I’m bad at scaling distance.  But, y’know, it’s a general estimate.

IMG_4655 IMG_4656

Phase Three: The Postcards

For my first card, I played a game with the girls.  No one else was around for me to fortune tell with.  I don’t think we’ve done this one yet, so I provided a visual of what the card looks like.  I had to cut it into pieces, so it obviously won’t be mailed to anyone.

IMG_4646 IMG_4647

Annabelle was absolutely desperate to play.  So she asked the first question.  “Will I get treats tomorrow?”IMG_4648

Her first card was a simple “maybe,” which made her look terribly depressed.


I cheated and got her a new card to restore happiness.


Nyx asked the obvious question.  The one she contemplates every single day.  The question was, “Will tomorrow be the day I take over the world?”  The cards responded in a way she can live with.


To be fair, I had to ask a question, too.  I asked, “Will I have an absolutely delicious dinner tomorrow night?”  The cards know all.


For my last task, I forgot to take a before picture.  But I completed the idea generator.  For the first box, I kind of forgot that it was supposed to be things in nature, so I got a little off course.  Regardless, I came up with the outstanding “Marvelous Mud Facewash” as my new product.  It’s been a while since I sent off a card, so I think I’m going to mail this one.  I’ll provide product details to the lucky recipient.


Well there it is!  I am done!  Hope you enjoy; I’ll look forward to yours.

– Super Koala


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