His Girl Friday – 1940’s

Dearest Readers,

From the Floor of Captain Spazzmataz:

On New Years Eve, Super Koala and I began our great movie challenge with the movie His Girl Friday. It is one of the handful of movies that is actually on Netflix, so because we had not prepared more, we decided on that one.

Being from the 1940’s, I thought it would be boring and dull, but it was very interesting. It was about a newspaper lady and her ex-husband. She came to tell him that she was remarrying and quitting the newspaper business when the biggest story the town had ever seen broke out. In short, I was very surprised when the ending took a surprise turn and all of her plans changed.

The movie was entertaining and a good one to start our challenge with. The only major problem was that the actors talked extremely fast! It was to the point where it was difficult to keep up with what they were saying. Also, I don’t know if this was Netflix’s fault or the movie’s, but occasionally the volume would go way down and it would be difficult to hear. Other than that, it was an excellent movie that I would probably watch again. I am excited to watch more movies, and increase my soon to be vast film knowledge.

Super Koala Note: This was my first Cary Grant movie.  At least where I was aware it was Cary Grant.  Why does he look so much taller than everyone else?  Was everyone incredibly short in the 30s and 40s?  Or is some mysterious, leading man, movie magic afoot?  Either way, a very enjoyable film.


3 thoughts on “His Girl Friday – 1940’s

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  2. It’s very entertaining to me that this was SK’s first Cary Grant film. Forgive me. I’m from a previous planet that no longer exists. In my generation that would be like saying “Who’s Leonardo DiCaprio?”

    The reason everyone talks so fast in His Girl Friday was intentional. Too many of the things they say would caused official objections at that time, and director Howard Hawks told them if they went faster the censors wouldn’t get it. And he was right.

    Cary Grant was tall, but no taller than other leading men of the period like Clark Gable or Jimmy Stewart. He just had enormous charisma when acting, and was unusually physically graceful. It IS a kind of magic trick.

    Grant was unique in Hollywood history. He invented a screen persona unlike himself, with a “transatlantic” accent no one else used. The public loved it, so he worked continuously, but neither they nor the filmmakers could totally figure out how he did “it”. He got high box office numbers for thirty years and never won a competitive Oscar. He was equally good in comedies or dramas.

    One of his best films that combined both is “North by Northwest” (1959), the last of four films he appeared in under director Alfred Hitchcock.

    • Thank you for your comment! Both the Spazz and I enjoyed it immensely. North by Northwest is on our very long list of movies, so we’ll be viewing that some time in the future. I did read about the fast talking purpose that you mentioned. I also found the lack of music very interesting. But with the almost continual dialogue, I didn’t miss the music.
      Thanks again for the input!
      – Super Koala

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