A Million Little Pieces: Finally!

Dearest Readers,

From the Desk of Captain Spazzmataz:

We are finally continuing our AMLP reading. We had planned to read it over break, but planned too many other things and did not find the time. So, now we are reading together over skype.

Pg. 59 – I really like Hank. I hope he stays around.

Pg. 60 – Who is her? Why does he keep going to memories of her? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

Pg. 63 – His description of the dentist chair is very accurate to what every little kid sees when they walk into a dentists office.

Pg. 65 – two drills and a sander sounds like a lot of tools that should not be going into someones mouth.

Pg. 71 – The entire dental procedure was awful to read, and I think he is and idiot for trying to leave.

Pg. 74 – The second half of this chapter was just horrible. It was not fun to read and I was grimacing the entire time. I really do hope things get better for James because if they don’t this book is going to take forever to get through.

Super Koala Log:

p. 58 – Man, it’s been a while.

p. 59 – Hank is such the best.

p. 60 – I really hate the phrase “eyes cut from the Arctic.” It sounds oddly sinister.

p. 62 – I really like his factual seeming physical descriptions. I can only imagine how entirely gruesome he looks.

p. 65 – I just really passionately feel like I’m not going to enjoy this. The feeling intensifies.

p. 66 – I am definitely not enjoying this. I hope this is one of the exaggerated parts.

p. 70 – Normally large amounts of repetition bother me, but I’m okay with it in this case. It gives a disjointed story continuity. And, I mean, much of life is repetition.

p. 71 – Thank goodness I’m not sensitive to vomit.

I fully agree with the Spazz.  This was a rough time overall.  It makes the whole book take a long time to read, and I feel like it would be really funny if someone took pictures of my face during the experience.  Unfortunately, we’re only on page 75, and I just have this strong hunch that it’s not going to magically turn into fluffy rainbow times for the remaining hundreds of pages.

Rough times ahead.


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