Back to School

Dearest Super Koala,

School has officially started back up! I was kind of okay with going back, but then again I was kind of not. I really just wanted to stay at home and sleep in and hang out with you and the puppies. I think I even got a little bed sick because whenever I got out of bed I felt a little queasy. I even took a nap yesterday because I was so tired. I napped from 6-7, and then I went straight to sleep at 9 and didn’t wake up until my alarm went off at 5:51 the next morning. Today however, I felt much better with all of the sleep that I got.

Any way, Sunday was my super day of cleaning. I re wiped down all of the surfaces in the bathroom, and then I spent 6 hours deep cleaning my room. It was all I did all day. I didn’t even change out of my jammies. Then, of course, on Monday I had to return to school. Nothing exciting happened except for the fact that I didn’t have any Spanish homework, and we got to meet our final biology teacher for the year. Her name is Mrs. Oesch, but the o is silent so it is really just esch. She is a new teacher and did her first semester of teaching in the Ferguson Florissant district. She said that all of the kids there were really great and she loved teaching there. Tuesday was the first jazz band class we had after being back from break. Like usual we did nothing except plan our next pancake party which will be on Friday. Hehe. We also took turns drawing this beautiful picture on the board.


It wasn’t originally a person, but somehow it turned out that way. Tuesday night my watch finally came in the mail and I got to wear it to school on Wednesday. It was super exciting, and I got lots of compliments. The only bad thing was that it is too big to wear on my right hand. It gets in the way of my writing, so I had to move my fitbit to my right hand. Now every time I go to check the time I always look at my right wrist first because I got used to that. Today we had an actual jazz rehearsal, but it is with a different group. This jazz band is made up of people out of wind symphony. So once a week, we are pulled out and rehearse jazz. It was actually really fun. It is a traditional jazz band, so no flutes or clarinets were allowed to join, but Mr. P teaches it and he is just so entertaining. I guess that is all that has happened this week. I have been reading a lot because I have cut back on my Netflix intake so I have much more free time.

As for my wrecking, I am seriously running out of options for last minute wrecking. I really need to start planning ahead. Anyway, I managed to pull it off for one more week.



My postcard was pretty easy except for the fact that I had to step outside to see what I would see while walking to the mailbox. It was very chilly and I did not appreciate it.


My journal page was much more difficult. This was one of the only ones that I could do without pre-planning. I had no idea what I could find that is colorful and smushable. Finally I had a stroke of genius.


I saw this lovely colored armadillo stress ball. Then I decided that I would color the different sections on his back to leave a print on the page.


I colored each section to match the color on its back, then I squished it against the page. The pink didn’t show up because I used a different type of marker for that one, but all of the other colors appeared quite nicely.


I like it. And it was creative!

That is all I have for this week. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, so I will be looking forward to your post on Sunday.

– C.S.


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