Bond, James Bond – Skyfall

Dearest Readers,

From the floor of Captain Spazzmataz:

Today, even though we are apart, Super Koala and I have decided to watch another movie on our great movie challenge. We had to pick one off of Netflix that we could both watch in separate households. We chose Skyfall.

This was my first 007 movie and a pretty good one at that. I think seeing some of the other ones before this would have cleared up a few things, but otherwise the general plot of the movie was very easy for new James Bond viewers to follow. I really enjoyed how they kept the traditional James Bond music in the newer film while also incorporating an incredible song by Adele in the intro credits (which were done extremely tastefully). The film did a great job of capturing my attention right from the beginning and keeping it the entire time. When they say it is an action movie, they really mean it. I only found a few parts disturbing, such as when Bond and Silver first meat, when Silver is in captivity, and the very end, but other than that I was delighted by the movie. It definitely lived up to my expectations and was everything I thought a James Bond movie would be.

Side note: Why do all crime fighters have to be orphans? I stand no chance at becoming an agent of anything because neither of my parents have died! Orphans get all the fun.

From the Couch of Super Koala:

I have to largely agree with Captain on this one.  I really appreciated the elements of this movie, and the assembled story of a legend in decline.  In some ways, it reminds me of The Dark Knight Rises; however, I enjoyed this movie a great deal more.  Maybe because, like the Spazz, I haven’t been as invested in the James Bond franchise throughout my life.

The Daniel Craig reboot is fun because it strips away all the nonsense in which an action movie can embroil itself.  Instead we have our weathered hero, an incredibly creepy villain, and a little throwback espionage.  I love the traditional theme music, and I even liked the opening credits.  Typically I hate credit sequences.  Overall, Skyfall is a lot of fun.  It’s in depth without being overly complicated, interesting, and exciting.  Plus, Judi Dench as M is just delightful.


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