A Million Little Pieces: It has been awhile

Dearest Readers:

From the floor of Captain Spazzmataz:

We once again greatly apologize for our sporadic reading of A Million Little Pieces. However, Super Koala and I have set up a regular time of Sunday mornings for reading time. Hopefully now we will be able to finish the book in a more timely manner. So, from last time we will be starting on page 75 and reading until we get tired of it. Here goes.

77-78: I feel like for someone in an intense treatment facility, he should be more open to different ways of treatment.

81: It is awful that the only friend James had died because a boy that was driving drunk.

84: When James is in the dark room in his dreams it reminds me of when Soul (from Soul Eater) has his dream meetings with the devil. I imagine James doing all of his drugs with this lovely classical piano music playing in the background.

87: That is far too much food touching. 88: I wish I had multiple Rolex’s like Leonard.

91: I don’t get why they let drug addict patients have cigarettes. They are still a drug and therefore still addicted.

95: He has had an awful life. How can anyone live trough that?

96: Roy really needs to give up his argument over the group toilets.

105: Leonard is the best. He doesn’t have to care about James, but he does.

109: Once again, Leonard is the best. I also find it really funny that all of the patients at the facility are terrified of a 23 year old.

From the dangerously comfy bed of Super Koala:

  • 78 – I have the disturbing sense of foreboding that he will be leaving soon. It makes me sad. In our reading absence, I forgot how tired this book makes me. Also, less toilet descriptions would be nice.
  • 80 – is Michelle her?!
  • 81 – For some reason or other, Frey is getting on my nerves today. Maybe it’s because of our time apart, but he just seems so incredibly whiny. His excuses feel particularly grating.
  • 82 – Michelle is obviously not her. Is Ally her? I am confused.
  • 83 – Oh, sexual ninja John. Why you gotta be so creepy?
  • 88 – I just really like Warren. He’s the best.
  • 95 – I like this whole “honest obituary” ploy as a way of giving history in a very present tense book.
  • 96 – The “I am so alone” routine is also particularly annoying today.
  • 102 – This Lilly stuff is cute, but I still feel suspicious about her character.
  • 107 – Leonard is also so the best. Also Hank.
  • By the end of the first portion of the book (there’s a weird scribble on pg. 111 that I can only assume is supposed to indicate a time shift), I feel very annoyed with our narrator.  The angst of it all seems undeserved at this juncture, complaining about how everything in his life has been his alone when there are all these people trying to help him.  I suppose this is an accurate look inside the mind of an addict, but today I found the neediness and self-created helplessness very off-putting.  However, I’m really enjoying the supporting characters.  People that have flitted in and out of the story in a seemingly minor capacity have come into focus.  They create the endearment that I can’t find in Frey and help motivate me to continue reading.

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