Finally, Finally Wrecking!

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

At last!  I will finally be posting.  I have all my technology ducks in a row.  Be prepared for postage!

As you, and our readers may have, noticed, I failed to post last week.  Like has happened before, I got sidetracked with all of the excitement of having Spazz and MamaBird visiting.  And then I was engrossed in my busy and tumultuous work week.  But I am finally ready with two wreckages and two post cards.

My initial wrecking was done at the speech tournament on Saturday.  I documented time passing in their cafeteria.  But their cafeteria has this interesting quirk to where it is also a FEMA shelter.  And all of the signs in the school are for the FEMA shelter, not the Cafeteria.  It was a tumultuous experience in which I remembered why I often hate high shcoolers, but it ended up alright.


For my second post, I took some inspiration from your wrecking.  But instead of filling in song lyrics, I looked up the opening paragraphs of my favorite books.  I don’t think it looks as nice as yours, but my pens were not as pretty.  All things considered, I’m pretty pleased with it.

IMG_5461 IMG_5462

My post cards are pretty great.  For the first one I also took inspiration from you.  I’ve avoided this card for forever as well, but I decided it was time to finally conquer it.


My machine works by inserting pieces of trash or recycling.  When you have inserted a piece, you then get 10 free minutes of Netflix on a really gigantic screen.  Enter another piece of trash, get another 10 minutes.  Below ground, there are some compactable machines that take care of the trash.  Think of little Wall-Es fixing the issue.

I also finally created my own currency, something else I’ve been avoiding.  It turned out pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.  I provided a before picture since neither of us have done this before.

IMG_5458 IMG_5459

Pretty creepy wonderful, eh?

The tricky part of this was trading it for something.  I had to make my currency legal tender.  And I did.  I traded my one Super Koala dollar for one excellent DumDum sucker.  Proof!


She said she’s keeping my currency forever.  She taped it to her computer.

I don’t know that anything else particularly exciting has gone on this week.  As you mentioned, we’ve talked on the phone a lot, so you know most of the excitement.  On Saturday, the kiddos broke to semi-finals, which is the farthest they’ve ever gotten in a tournament.  It was pretty good.  Sunday, BBKF and I tried to use our MoviePasses, but we did it wrong.  Luckily, delicious Bread Co sufficed.

Anyway, I’m going to go grade some rough drafts.  Sorry for the terrible delay!

Love you!  Look forward to your new, exciting double posts!

– Super Koala


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