Wrecking Half Way

Dearest Super Koala,

So, I just now was able to read your post from this week, and upon reading it I realized that I totally forgot about doing two wreckings this week, so there will only be one. I understand if you don’t want to do two on Sunday, but I will definitely start next week. You are welcome to start, but only if you want to.

For my journal page, I also did the documentation of time in a new environment, however my environment wasn’t exactly new. I documented passing time in our ANP rehearsal on Wednesday, but because I had to be kind of sneaky about it, I wasn’t able to make it nearly as pretty as yours.


Now I feel very inadequate compared to your page.

For my postcard I did the secrete identity. I wrote out all of the criteria that were listed on the front. Then because the identity is secrete, I covered it all up with a super gigantic sharpie. I can still smell it even though I put the cap back on about 10 minutes ago. Even with all of my efforts, you could still see what I wrote if you looked really close, so then I scribbled over it with a smaller sharpie. What I wrote is still slightly legible, but you would have to work really hard to see it.


This past week was pretty fun, except for the fact that today feels like a Friday and it is only Thursday. Tuesday Molly and I built a secrete fortress on the stage in the middle of all of the junk during jazz band. It was really fun, and no one could find us for a long time. We went to check on it today, and it was still how we left it. Also today, our biology tests were passed back to us and I got a 100%! The guy that sits next to me was so amazed and was like, “Wow, I am no longer the smartest kid in class.” I had to break it to him that he wasn’t ever the smartest kid in class because I had a higher percentage than he did at the end of last semester. Anyway, Tanner’s birthday party was on Saturday, and he was really adorable. Winter and I made a makeshift volleyball net and played with a partially deflated balloon. It was really fun. I guess it’s because we don’t see her much, but I had no idea how crazy and weird she is. This week I have read two books, and I am starting my third today, so I would say I have been pretty productive. Mom said that we could come down on the four day weekend. She doesn’t have Friday off, so she said that she would be willing to take a half day, but if she gets too busy, I might have to try to convince dad to let me come down by myself. I guess that is all I have for this week. We really need to stop talking on the phone so much. I always tell you all of the exciting things, and then I have nothing to say on here.

– C.S.


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