Wrecking to the Max

Dearest Super Koala,

I did it! I officially was able to complete two postcards and two journal pages. I was not anticipating the time that it was going to take me to complete them, but I did it. For my first postcard, I did the one where you write a secrete and then destroy it. After I had already written my secrete I realized that I didn’t take a before picture, but you have done it before, so I figured it would be okay. While I was thinking of how to expertly destroy it, I came up with the great idea of making it into confetti. So, I hole punched the entire thing. It took about 25 minutes to complete, and afterwards my hand was very sore that it hurt to squeeze anything.


This was my lovely pile of confetti, and I don’t think any would ever be able to put it back together again. I think it is literally in a thousand pieces. For my second one, I decided on a magical power.


Of course I picked teleportation because we have only been talking about it forever. My first journal page I kind of fudged the rules a little.


I tried to do this one this week, but as I was looking around for circles, I realized that it was much harder than I thought it would be, so instead I drew a lovely picture of only circles. I will say that I found the circles in my mind, and then I will have followed the rules. My second one isn’t as pretty.


I decided that I would do this one, so I smeared the picture in the snow on the back porch. I guess I used too good of a pen because it didn’t smear that well. Whoops.


This past weekend, as you know, was spent with the little kids and by the time I got home on Sunday all I did was sit in my room and read and watch my two episodes of Netflix. It was stressful. Saturday at the City Museum was fun, but after awhile it just got tiring. Monday night we had our Winter Concert at school. It went really well especially considering how it was looking a week leading up to the event. It was also pretty packed the entire bottom bleachers were full and the top was 3/4 full, so I would say that it was a really good night. Afterwards a group of us went out for ice cream in our tuxes and it was pretty funny. On Tuesday I signed up for the classes I want to take next year. I am really excited, and it is funny to see how the classes I thought I was going to take a month ago are completely different from what I signed up for. Wednesday we actually played music in jazz band because there was a guy at the school seeing if we could be a school of character, so Brakefield wanted us to look good in case he came in. He didn’t, but we still had fun playing. We played a song called On Green Dolphin Street, and Burritos to Go. The latter was my favorite. It made me want to get up and dance. Today there was a two hour early release at school, so I have had lots of time to get my homework and posting done. It has been a nice relaxing day. I guess that is all I have for you. Can’t wait to hear from you on Sunday.

-Captain Spazz

P.S. We didn’t read on Sunday!


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