Grammy Wrecking

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

This post comes to you as Sparhawk and I sit on the couch, with the girls, watching the Grammies.  Fortunately, I was very prepared for my post.  Early today, Sparhawk and I went to the Aviary for delicious, delicious creperie noms.  Whilst there, I completed all of my necessary wreckage to assemble this post.

First, le post cards!

As we waited for our food, we noticed a pouch attached to the wall by us.  Other patrons had filled the pouch with interesting, random notes.  I decided we needed to contribute a post card to the pouch.  So, we spent various points in the dinner working on this random thoughts card.  Sparhawk was the major contributor, including a poem he wrote on the back.  Before we left, we tucked it into the pouch for someone else to enjoy.

IMG_6556    IMG_6567 IMG_6571

My other post card was very simple.  It’s the one where you see how many times you can send the card back and forth between a friend.  I chose Philip, since we’re already supposed to be correspondents.


For my wreckage, I found the most perfect prompt inside the book.


Being titled the Aviary, the restaurant is filled with birds.  Though, they are redecorating, so there’s not as many birds as there used to be.  However, I still found a decent amount.


My other wrecking did not turn out so well.  On our drive home, I still had one last wrecking to complete, so I chose the one where you draw while in motion.  It was a rather tragic experience, especially when I recall how well yours turned out.


Sparhawk did not assist with this at all.  He kept forcefully lurching the car to make my poor drawing even worse.

I’m so excited to see you this weekend!  This week was fairly pleasant, though nothing particularly notable happened.  The weather has been so pretty this weekend, which severely cut down on my overall productivity yesterday.  I got back in the game today and did a fair amount of cleaning.  Now I only have to survive one four day week, and then I get a Spazz filled four day weekend!  I will continue to work on our list as well as keeping my teacher life in check, so I don’t have to do a bunch of grading while you’re in town.  Since parent teacher conferences are on Thursday, that shouldn’t be hard.  Grades need to be nicely caught up for that.

Well, I’m going to go read personal narratives and continue watching the awards.  Cuddling with the puppies through the process as been particularly delightful given their bath.

Love you,

Super Koala


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