Adventures in the City

Dearest Super Koala,

I realized that I haven’t done my sister bag post even though I completed an adventure a few weeks ago. Mommabird and I took the children to the City Museum.


It was quite the adventure with it being their first time. The very first slide Tanner went down, he wound up landing face first. He hasn’t quite figured out how sliding works. Eventually we got them upstairs to were the toddler friendly things are. I had never been in that room before, and it was actually pretty cute. The first thing they saw was the little train that you can ride. They were so excited that nothing else could be done until that train was conquered, and by the end of our trip it had been conquered thrice.


There was also a play area with cars and trucks, and giant foam building blocks, and legos, and miniature kid friendly climbing obstacles. Tanner really loved the blocks.


After we left the kids room, we went outside to do a little more serious climbing. Tanner really loved the fire truck, and we hung out in there for a long time with him sitting at the steering wheel.


I was able to get Tanner and Ady all the way up to the first airplane, but then I had to take Tanner back down. IMG_0517 IMG_0516

Ady and I went higher, but we soon had to go back inside for it was very chilly. Upon returning into the building, we headed to the craft room and made rag dolls and paper snowflakes. Soon afterward, Tanner was beginning to get very sleepy, so we packed up and headed home. It was a pretty great adventure if I do say so myself.


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