A Million Little Pieces – Late Once Again

From the bed of Captain Spazzmataz:

We must be the worst people ever about keeping a schedule. Once again we are late and off track with reading AMLP. But here we are ready to read once again. Last time we left off at page 113, so that is where we will pick up today


  • 114- I don’t think it is the best idea to see someone you like smelling like a pack of cigarettes
  • 116- I am glad that he is finally realizing his routine and maybe he will stop whining so much
  • 118- Why would you ever want to watch someone vomit?! That sounds disgusting. Also, I think the Bald Man overreacted a little
  • 122- It is so convenient that a Cleveland game is on.
  • 127- It is adorable that James gets visitors. He seems so much happier now.
  • 129- Lilly’s Grandma is the most adorable little old lady ever
  • 137- I think it is weird that he can be so loving with his friends and brother, but so cold to his parents
  • 140- I am guessing that James will stay mostly because he is finally realizing that people care about him and want him to get better. Also he is being so nice that it is much more pleasant to read
  • 143- That was a really great way to end a chapter

Overall this section of the book was much more pleasant and happy that the previous parts. I really hope that it continues to go well for James.

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • 115 – These are the times that I’d really like punctuation.
  • 118 – SERIOUSLY. WHY?
  • 119 – John, it’s not funny.
  • 124 – I don’t care what Lincoln says. I love Leonard. At least for now.
  • 127 – This family thing is really endearing. But it makes his “forever alone” claim even more annoying. There’s a difference between not having a support system and not recognizing it.
  • 130 – I’m still suspicious about this Lily thing, grandmother or no.
  • 131 – Also, I just really want to know about Her.
  • 132 – Oh, Sexual Ninja John. I worry.
  • 133 – All the brotherly feels. I must put on my sister necklace.
  • 138 – John is on a perpetual teeter-totter of so pathetic it’s endearing and so creepy that he should be institutionalized. I just don’t know how to feel.
  • 143 – I appreciate this chapter’s cute ending. Even with all the vomit, it’s still rather adorable.

I agree with the Captain.  This section was infinitely more enjoyable to read because I hated Frey way less.  He finally seems somewhat likeable.  However, I’m still skeptical.  It’s too early in the book for things to be this rosy and stay that way.

Until next time!


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