A Million Little Pieces: 144-160

From the Floor of Captain Spazzmataz:

The Koala and I are once again reading over Skype to trudge through A Million Little Pieces. Here goes.

  • 146 – That must be the best company ever to pay for rehab four times
  • 148 – I have a feeling his psych evaluation didn’t go so well
  • 148 – I was right
  • 152 – I always imagined Hank as a really old guy. I guess I was wrong. Also, it just shows how great he is that he convinced the facility not to throw James out.
  • 154 – Why are the other guys being so mean?
  • 160 – I am hoping that means that he will stay.

I was kind of confused a little by this section. All of the events seemed so separate from each other that it didn’t really make sense that they went together. But I guess it was a pretty good section again. Nothing too gruesome happened.

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 144 – Coffee is such an easy job!
  • p. 146 – I find Ed and Ted to be notably disturbing. I also find all these lectures to be very impressive. The facility must work very hard to make sure there is someone available to speak to them twice a day.
  • p. 152 – Man, Hank is awesome even when not directly involved in the events of the book.
  • p. 153 – I’m already feeling incredibly sad about this bald man thing.
  • p. 155 – I was right. This moment has made me thoroughly dislike all of the treatment people. Except Lincoln. And Leonard. He’s still okay.
  • p. 157 – OTTER!

I, once again, like how this chapter wrapped up in a positive way. I hope his acceptance of his treatment continues. As much as I still don’t care for the main “character,” this book his helped refresh my knowledge of the strength rehabilitation requires. The side characters, like Joanne, who have been sober for sixteen years are completing a terrific task that takes strength and determination every single day. I definitely think that is really awesome and something worth reflecting upon.


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