Wrecking SOOOO Late

Dearest Super Koala,

I am terribly sorry that my post is so late. Having Monday off and having a slight cold has thrown my entire week off. I have been incredibly sleepy and disoriented. I don’t even really recall what happened all week. I guess I will start with my wreckings because I know what happened with those.

My first postcard was the fortune teller.


I asked it three very important questions.

1. Will I be better at posting on time this week?


So, I guess we will have to see.

2. Will I get all of my wrecking done before Thursday?

IMG_0578 IMG_0579

Once again, I guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully it happens.

3. Will Super Koala post today?


The fortunes are on your side! Hopefully you are more prepared than I was.

My second postcard was to hide a secret message on the page. I think I did a pretty good job at it. Tell me if you can figure it out.


Hehe. I mean the message isn’t really a secret, but I think it is expertly hidden.

For my first postcard, I went on a little (literally little) scavenger hunt.


This is what I found.


It was surprisingly harder to find super little things than I thought it was going to be. It may only look like I found 9 things because you can’t really see one of them. There is one underneath the rubber band that is a piece of fluff that was still in the basement from one of your dogs’ toys.

My next journal page was pretty easy.


I just used the street names form our subdivision and the one across from ours. (I can’t call it Nonna’s subdivision anymore)


That is all my wrecking for the week. As for what I did, I had a pretty boring week. Nothing really exciting happened at all, and the slightly exciting things that did happen, I already told you about. Maybe we should try another month of silence so we have more to talk about. Just a suggestion. Don’t be too offended. But, I guess that is all I have as we are now on our Skype call to read.

– Captain Spazzmataz


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