Comparatively Belated Wrecking

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

As you know, based on our This is the Voice correspondents, I have been belated in my posting.  Yesterday was oddly stressful.  I had a lot to do teacher wise with being gone for so long.  And then I made it more stressful because today I decided I don’t like our play scripts and ordered scripts for an entire new play.  Given that our play is April 17th, this is not good.  But I’m hoping it will make for a better play overall.

I meant to have a really fantastic post today, too.  But all my ideas revolved around school, and then the play thing happened, and I no time at school.  So, my wreckage today is okay, and I’ll work on executing my ideas for next week’s post.

Post Cards:


One of my cards is one we’ve never done before, but I believe you’ve done the other.  My “carving” one didn’t turn out quite as nice as I would have liked.  I automatically knew I wouldn’t be carving anything.  In case you don’t recall from my refusal to scratch the scratchers, I hate the texture of scratching paper.  Of all kids.  So, instead, I went for a literary reference to one of my favorite books of all time: To Kill a Mockingbird.


My goal was to draw all the little items that get hidden in the tree.  Technically, I did this.  However, as the black ink dried, some of the items started to get a little muddled.  But, I’m still happy with the idea.


The next card features the daunting task of creating my own planet.  I decided to keep it, obviously, very scientific by using a strict legend to document life on my planet.  I named it Diana, as I feel the goddess Artemis is largely underrepresented in our present Roman mythology based solar system.  For every heart, there is a happy flock of puppies frolicking about and being loved and well cared for.  Every star is a library, of course.  A circle is a breakfast cafe, which is my favorite meal.  A square is a movie theater.  There aren’t as many squares because I think the movies would be more fun if they were a relatively special experience.  Ergo, travel.  Finally, every triangle is a dog park.  Because puppies need room for all that adorable frolicking.

For my wreckage, I tried to copy a Springfield transit route.  This was going okay, until Annabelle decided she wasn’t being petted enough and ferociously buried under my arm, bumping my clearly beautiful rendering.  The Springfield bus does not come to my house, so I went for the route that would get me as close to home as possible.  It’s still not very close.



My last wreckage is one I’ve been working on for a while, and is sadly still not finished.  I’ll take care of that this week.  It’s supposed to be a sharing of very tiny thoughts, but all the tiny writing hurts my hand a whole bunch.  And takes forever to fill a page.  So, for now, this one is a work in progress.






That’s all for the evening!  I’m terribly sleepy, so I am off to retire.  I’m getting excited for your Spring Break visit!


Super Koala


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