1001 Movies: Ordinary People

From the Kitchen Table of Super Koala (Tea in Hand):

The 1980s film Ordinary People is so appropriately named.  As the movie began, playing some nice classical music that made me feel drowsy, I couldn’t help but think about how that was a terrible name for a movie.  It’s basically saying, “Nothing of note happens here.  Just Ordinary People.  Ho Hum.”  However, by the end of the movie, it really started to grow on me, and having watched it all, the title makes perfect sense.

At first, the movie kind of gave me the creeps.  I kept expecting for something horrible to happen, particularly involving the unstable mother.  But it didn’t.  Instead, it went dutifully along to depict an average, semi-affluent family and the way in which each member grieves over a tragic accident.  Given all the statistics about families that lose a child, I feel like movie accurately presents the subsequent family dynamics.  Also, I just love Donald Sutherland in this (Papa Conrad/President Snow).  He was so touching and likeable, especially in comparison to his less endearing cast.  Go Sutherlands. Overall, I’d give the movie three or four stars.  Four because I really did end up enjoying it, but three because it’s not something I would go to watch over again.

From the Desk of Captain Spazzmataz:

I really enjoyed this movie. It is a little over two hours, and normally I would get bored for that length of time, but I didn’t feel that way about this film. It didn’t even really feel like two entire hours passed, so I guess that says something about the enjoyment factor of the movie. I wouldn’t exactly say it was entertaining because it was so tragic, but I did like the movie. I too really enjoyed Donald Sutherland. I just love listening to his voice. There is a special quality to it that makes it so captivating. Not to mention the fact that the dad is my second favorite character. Of course my favorite character is the good Dr. Berger. I just so admire his no nonsense attitude and welcoming personality. I was a little confused by the title at first, and the first few minutes of the movie are very confusing, but once you get in to it, the title really does make perfect sense, and I don’t think there could be a better title for that movie. I’d say four stars.


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