1001 Movies: The Graduate

From the desk of Captain Spazzmataz:

This weekend there are three movies leaving the instant play queue that are on our list, so the Super Koala and I are going to attempt to watch all of them. This is the first one I chose to watch. I chose this one to begin with because I started it late last night and the other two include a pretty sad movie and a horribly terrifying one.

So, as I said, last night I ventured forth and watched The Graduate. I got about an hour in, but then I started to fall asleep, so I decided to finish it up this morning. I am not really sure how I feel about the movie. I know for certain that I didn’t love it, but past that, I just can’t decide. I just think the entire plot was poorly thought out and rushed. And especially at the end. How can you just decide that it is okay to think about marrying someone after they have had intimate relations with your mother!? All she needed was a little scream and she was good? Because about two seconds before she was furious with him. I just don’t understand how that is supposed to be realistic. I think everyone is just insane except for Mr. Robinson. He is the only one that responded correctly to the situation. Also, everyone talks so quietly! I had the volume on my computer all the way up, and I still had to have the subtitles on because I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I don’t know if Dustin Hoffman makes a habit out of mumbling through movies, but he definitely did in this one. So, I guess all in all, it was just an okay movie. I would probably only give it two or three stars.

From the Couch of Super Koala:

This is another movie that I have no business reviewing due to preconceived notions.  About three years ago I watched the Graduate for the first time and almost instantly disliked it.  Legitimately none of it makes sense to me, most of all Mrs. Robinson.  In fact, all of the women in this movie make no sense and have the most absurd reactions.  I can see what is supposed to be happening, but I don’t think the goals or motivations of this movie are successful.

That being said, the second time around was not as bad.  This time, I could see more of the humor in it.  I also appreciated the different nuances and tricks in the filming and soundtrack.  It is certainly well crafted, but just not something I enjoy when it comes to the storyline at the heart of the work.  Also, Spazz is totally right about the mumbling.  But I do love Dustin Hoffman.


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