1001 Movies: The Blair Witch Project

From the Couch of Super Koala:

We have survived our first horror movie!  The dark side of our 1001 movies began with The Blair Witch Project, which is surprisingly not as old as I thought it was based on my pop culture knowledge.

At an hour and twenty minutes, the film is fairly short.  They made a brilliant choice in actually following the myth vein of the witch.  This malevolent, undefined force that seems to exist only to hurt them makes a way more terrifying villain, for lack of a better term, than any clear element could.  I particularly love how her description is always just slightly different than what the previous person has said.

While I enjoyed much of the storyline, and felt occasionally terrified, I still don’t like the faux-self-shot movie style.  And I don’t appreciate that this film spawned so many self-shot movies.  Though I suppose I can forgive this one for being one of the first.

Three, maybe four stars.

From the Desk of Captain Spazzmataz:

UGH! I hate horror films. I don’t know if I am going to be able to watch some of the movies on our list because this one wasn’t even that scary! I did really like how it was thought out though. I like the idea of doing a faux documentary, but I don’t like the execution of a faux documentary. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t actually really see what was going on because the quality was bad, and the fact that everything moved around so much almost made it hard to watch. I too thought it was a very good story, and the ending was perfect for a scary movie. It leaves the audience’s imagination to determine what happened to the characters which will probably wind up being way worse than what any movie could produce.

I would say only two or three stars. Three because I really liked the idea, two because I really REALLY don’t like to be scared.


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