Timely A Million Little Pieces

From the Bed of Captain Spazzmataz:

Here goes nothing. Another reading session of A Million Little Pieces.

  •  161 – What is his strange fixation on being able to look into his eyes?
  • 162 – Matty seems like such a pleasant  person! (Not really)
  • 166 – I also agree that asking the same question over and over isn’t going to get him anywhere.
  • 167 – Aw. The sexual ninja is leaving.
  • 169 – This is such a touching moment.
  • 171 – What happened? He was doing so good just a minute ago.
  • 175 – Introduction of Miles Davis. Not the trumpet player but the clarinetist/judge.
  • 178 – Isn’t James technically a fraud too? I mean maybe this Rock Star is embellishing his story to make a point. Isn’t that exactly what this entire book is? It is just Jame’s story super overly embellished.
  • 180 – Once again a very nice ending to a chapter.

I really liked this chapter. James went through many emotions but never seemed to be too whiny.

From the Bed of Super Koala:

  • 162 – I always get so apprehensive when new characters are introduced, but I already feel like it’s pretty legitimate with this Matty fellow.
  • 163 – Alright, maybe not.
  • 164 – I just love Hank. Joanne, too. I’m really glad someone in the book properly acknowledged how awesome the Bald Man had been for sharing.
  • 166 – I feel like Ken doesn’t really understand how to interact with someone like James.
  • 167 – I in no capacity understand how sexual ninja John is allowed to leave the program. He legitimately tried to trade his daughter to James because he upset him. How can he graduate a recovery program?
  • 170 – I find John’s self awareness on the issue largely comforting. Also, I’m going to miss Warren. He was really great.
  • 173 – I really like Lilly, but it always feels like she’s about to get him in trouble.
  • 176 – Miles seems very pleasant.
  • 178 – I find this rant on lying most ironic given Frey’s own truth stretching history.

This was a nice section. I’m definitely enjoying the book now that Frey has had his revelation. I’m also liking the characters and moments of humor laced through all of the seriousness. I hope that the close of this chapter can mean Frey has finally found something to latch onto, as nothing else presented has seemed to resonate with him as much as the Tao.


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