1001 Movies: The Muppet Movie

From the Desk of Captain Spazzmataz:

The Super Koala and I had to watch the Muppet Movie by today because it is leaving Netflix tomorrow. I have never seen any Muppet movie, so this was my first experience with the gang. My first impression: absolute insanity. I was very disturbed and unsettled throughout the entire movie. I even made a list of all of the things I found troubling while I was watching so I wouldn’t forget anything. The only thing I really liked was the second song, “Movin’ Right Along.”

It was super catchy and had a really great vibe to it. As far as good points, that’s about it. My first issue is why the humans don’t find it weird that there are a bunch of puppets running around everywhere. There normally aren’t puppets in real life, so why don’t they think it is odd? Second, the lead singer of Electric Mayhem, Janis, is the only character with a uvula. Why is she the only one, and why can I see it so well? One of the more major issues I have is the fact that Kermit gives the band a screenplay in the movie. If the movie was supposed to be a story of how they came to be a group, then how did he have a screenplay about that before anything actually happened? It just doesn’t make any sense. I get that it is supposed to be simple, and the characters are kind of dumb, but still. I don’t like it. Also, I think they could have hired a better ventriloquist to be the judge for the beauty pageant. Another thing that kind of bothers me is Miss Piggy’s hair.

It is just so unnatural, and no other character has fake hair like that. Furthermore, for being a G rated movie that little kids are supposed to watch, it is pretty violent. I know for a fact that my niece would not stand for that kind of violence, and she would start crying as soon as the guns came out. Also, when the “doctor” that was supposed to electrocute Kermit actually electrocuted himself, the head piece didn’t even touch his head, so I have know idea how that happened. A thing that really bothered me was the fact that Kermit’s head is the only one that doesn’t have a definite shape. You can actually almost see the shape of the hand in his head whereas all of the other puppets seem to have a hard head that doesn’t change shape when the hand moves. It doesn’t make sense that the most important puppet is the one that looks the least developed. Another thing is that when they get to the audition, they didn’t even have to do anything! The guy just gave them all their own movie! That would never happen ever to anyone let alone a frog. And, at the very end of the movie when the camera pans out and shows all of the puppets singing, half of the puppets in that shot weren’t in the movie at all.

Where did they all come from? What are they doing in the last shot of the movie? If they had time to make all of these other puppets for the closing scene, then why couldn’t they have come up with a better shape for Kermit’s head? The last thing that really disturbed me was the fact that the bassist from the band, Floyd, doesn’t have any eyes!

He has purple eye sockets, but they are hollow; there are no eyes! That is so creepy! All in all, this movie is totally for the looney people, and doesn’t really make any sense unless you are crazy or mentally drained. I can only give it two stars at the most.

From the Couch/Bed of Super Koala:

I just don’t know what more I can add to the Captain’s review.  I am mightily amused.  However, I will do my best.

I remember watching the Muppet Movie when I was little and being really disturbed.  Post this moment in my formative years, I have not watched many Muppet productions.  Re-watching this film as an adult made my early disturbance so clear, and I found some humor in it now that I’m older.

Though they may be rated G and made out of felt, I don’t think the Muppets are for children.  The script of the movie has way too many puns and makes references that children won’t catch.  I absolutely believe Sesame Street is for children, and the Muppets are an adult branch of that concept.

Now that I’m older, I found the movie hilarious.  Sparhawk and I had a blast laughing at all the weird jokes and the absolute absurdity of the entire production.  He had experienced the same disturbance when he was little, and we had fun bonding over what had freaked us out so much then.  Because of this, I feel like the movie falls in a weird category.  Had I not watched it when I was little, I don’t think I would have experienced as much affection watching it now as an adult.  So, I suppose, I would only recommend for people to watch again.  I don’t think I would go marching up to anyone and tell them how urgently they need to watch the Muppet Movie.

I’d give it three stars for it’s undeniable uniqueness and the laughs that follow.


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