Incredibly Late Wrecking

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

It is I!  Finally posting my wreckage for the week.  And, as I promised, your Thursday post has not yet gone up.  So I have beaten you.  Muwahaha.

I feel like since I talked to you on the phone yesterday, I don’t have terribly much to say.  That, and we’ve added so many posts with our movie reviews.  Today’s snow day has been nice.  I went to the gym for training and then took the pups out.  Since then I’ve been a little lazy, really just doing laundry and reading a bit.  Nothing too thrilling.  It looks as though tomorrow I will have school, and then it’s off to spring break.  I’ll need to come up with some break goals so that I use my time better.  Mayhap, you can help me with this in your post.

For my wreckage:

As I explained, I feel like in-house wrecking is getting increasingly difficult.  Regardless, I managed to scrape together items for this week.

For my postcards, I chose two I believe you have already done.  One of which I know you did recently.


For my message, I hid not one but two secret correspondences on this post card.  Mainly because I felt like my first was far too easy.  Not that the second one is difficult either.  It’s just a smidge more challenging.


Then came my super hero challenge.  I tried conquering this in many different ways, none of which were particularly successful.  I just cannot draw people.  So, after two attempts, I abandoned the land of humans and went to the animal king.  I decided my nemesis for this would be BooBoo.  I drew myself as a koala, in true super hero form.  If BBKF were to be any villainous animal, she would totally be a snake.  So I drew her up with some very scary fangs.  At about this time I realized it has been quite a while since I drew anything at all.


For my wreckage I revisited a familiar concept.  Yesterday, Eric and I went on a snow adventure, and I decided to once again leave little notes in Barnes and Noble.  This time, I cannot tell you what books they were, as we did this in a rather silly manner.

IMG_6746 IMG_6747

Whilst cleaning earlier this week, I found this small piece of yarn and decided to save it for my wreckage.  I then attempted to tie up this page, as the book commands.  I did only an alright job.  First, I had to force holes via pencil, as I do not seem to own a whole punch.  Second, it was a small piece of yarn so I didn’t have a lot of room for coverage if I also wanted to make a bow.  But, we will live.


My post has finally been created!  Now I am off to hopefully finish a book and begin playing BioShock.  You really should help me figure out Spring Break goals.  Oh!  I can view it as a challenge!  And post about it!  Yes, yes, yes.

– Super Koala


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