1001 Movies: Night of the Living Dead

From the Chair of Captain Spazzmataz:

Worst. Movie. Ever. Nothing good happened ever. First off, everyone dies. What good is a movie that ends in sadness? Secondly, the continuity is really bad. It starts off light outside even though it is supposed to be at about eight in the evening. Then it got dark, but there were certain periods when they flashed outside and it was miraculously light again. Also, the TV broadcast was obviously supposed to be live but it was light in that shot too. It didn’t make any sense and the ending was awful. Two thumbs down.

From the Couch of Super Koala, Who Would Like to Note that Captain Spazzmataz’s Chair is Actually Hers:

Seconded.  What follows are very succinct reasons as to why I did not like this movie.

1. But seriously, why is Barbra so useless?
2. THERE IS NO NEED FOR THIS LEVEL OF MUSIC ALL OF THE TIME.3. Less dirty looks, more talking.
4. Okay, no one gets a gun.  Everyone lost their privileges.

2 stars tops.  Even when factoring in all of the innovation and the fact that the movie must have been ultimately successful because I was super stressed.  I’m bitter.


One thought on “1001 Movies: Night of the Living Dead

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