1001 Movies: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

From the Bed of Captain Spazzmataz, but Written by Super Koala:

Once again, Spazzmataz and I found ourselves watching a sudden barrage of movies before Netflix cruelly purged them on April 1st.  One such film was Gentlemen Prefer Blondes from the early 1950s.

This now iconic film gets a lot of good press, likely because Marilyn Monroe is one of the feature actors, and society seems to just adore her.  While her character was most amusing, I found her singing voice to be more than slightly annoying.  Maybe annoying is too strong of a word.  Let’s go with silly.  I do like the idea, however, of her being secretly smart and just playing dumb, as indicated by her ending conversation with Mr. Esmond Senior.

The charisma between Monroe and Jane Russell made for a very successful lead dynamic, and I enjoyed their duets together.  At no point in time did I not believe their friendship, and I loved Russell’s impression of Monroe in the court room.  Sparhawk legitimately thought that she was Monroe.

Overall, I feel that the movie did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of a Broadway musical in film form.  It’s a campy, clever, ridiculous, tongue in cheek, good time.  Four stars.

From the Bed of Captain Spazzmataz, Written by Captain Spazzmataz:

I, unlike Super Koala, only semi enjoyed this film. I don’t really know why, but I just found it to be a little irritable when I was watching it. I did not like Marilyn’s voice at all. The whispery tone just made me annoyed. Why can’t she just sing for real? However, I really enjoyed Jane’s character. She was always there to combat Monroe’s nonsense. I think the two things I like the most were the gorgeous, elegant dresses they wore, and the character of Henry Spofford III. His character was absolutely delightful, and I enjoyed every scene he was in.

I think overall, I would have to give the film three stars.

Super Koala P.S. Henry Spofford III forever.


2 thoughts on “1001 Movies: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

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  2. Seems like Jane always had nice things to say about Marilyn, like she was one of the few who saw her as a person and not a movie studio commodity. Thanks for the review!

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