1001 Movies: Philadelphia

Super Koala, Still on the Bed:

Talk about a heavy movie.  To start off, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington are immediately trotted out as opposing counsel in a small setting court case.  I’m pretty convinced that’s for intimidation factor, in a garish comparison to sports.  It’s like, “Hey, these are our heavy hitters, watch out.”  And it’s so absolutely accurate.  You know they’re going to be awesome in basically any movie.

Onward.  Even if it felt like a rough time, I really appreciate the sadness of this movie.  It’s realistic, especially giving the subject matter and the time period.  At no point in time is there any “movie magic” worked.  Tom Hanks doesn’t magically recover, Denzel isn’t suddenly a super accepting guy.  The film concludes exactly the way a story about AIDS tends to tragically conclude in real life: with a funeral.  And, above all, even with all the pressing sadness, I felt surprisingly uplifted and hopeful at the end of the movie.  The spirit was very subdued yet celebratory.

Also, I realized that one of my professors in college shows a clip from this movie every semester to express her adoring love for opera.  That whole scene in Andrew’s apartment is a really intense monologue. Also, also, whaddup Antonio Banderas.

Four stars.

From the bed of Captain Spazzmataz:

As soon as the opening credits started playing and I saw that Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington were in the movie, I knew it was going to be great. I was so right even though it was so sad.

There was a sense of gloom throughout the film, but I was still very invested. I guess that shows how good the movie was. If it can be so depressing but still interesting, then the movie has to have some credit. Also, I feel like this was a topic that no one really talked about at the time, so I commend TriStar Pictures for making the movie.

A solid Four stars. Really the only reason it didn’t get five is because I doubt I will watch it again.


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