A Million Little Pieces, A Million Hyperbolic Years Later

Super Koala Thoughts:

  • p. 182 – Roy has the shusher!
  • p. 186 – THANK THE LORD.
  • p. 187 – I don’t know if I believe this interaction.  I am most skeptical.
  • p. 190 – James Frey: fashion police.
  • p. 193 – Oh, Leonard.  So sad.
  • p. 195 – Leonard is basically terrifying, but it’s a good kind of scary.  I like that he cares so much about James, though the whole thing intensifies my skepticism.  How many of the back stories are true?
  • p. 197 – Lilly is kind of a boss, but I’m perpetually waiting for something absolutely terrible to happen involving the two of them.
  • p. 212 – I so passionately adore Lilly’s grandmother.  What an excellent human being.

After spending so long away from this book, it was hard to get back into the stream of consciousness writing style.  There are chapters where the repetition really works for me, but this was not one such chapter.  That being said, I’m still ready to see where the story progresses, particularly in regard to Frey’s conflict with the almighty rehab authority.

Captain Spazzmataz Thoughts:

  • 181 – What a way to start a chapter. That first sentence is just so heartwarming. Why does he know what a child sounds like BURNING ALIVE!?
  • 183 – I get it. The screams were like a child being burned alive. Can we move on?
  • 186 – He has some questionable stalking tendencies. I think when you admit that all you want to do is stare at her, maybe you should get some help then.
  • 190 – I love Leonard. He is the best.
  • 195 – Point proven.
  • 196 – Bobby makes me mad. Why do people have to act that way and always try to one-up each other?
  • 197 – Lilly is so sneaky!
  • 199 – That is a really great way to achieve his goal, but I highly doubt Ken will like it.
  • 205 – I still feel like they shouldn’t make their patients go through the twelve steps if that is not what they believe in. I think there are other ways to get better.
  • 213 – Well aren’t they just adorable.
  • 214 – The way he describes Miles’ clarinet playing is so majestic.

This chapter was okay. There were a lot of really sad and depressing parts, but I feel like I learned a lot about the characters. I feel like something big is going to happen soon though because other than Roy, nothing has really happened to James personally in a while.


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