Wrecking with Glitter!

Dearest Super Koala,

I know I have talked to you about this, but I just wanted to remind you in case you forgot that you have not wrecked in quite some time. Quite. Some. Time.

Moving on. I don’t have much to say about my week since we have talked just about every day. We really need to limit our calls. I have nothing to write about. So, I will just go straight to my wrecking for the week. We will have about three weeks of regular posting before we see each other again, and then it will be summer time! I am so excited! We should start planning what we are going to do.

For my wrecking, I was able to get two of each, even though I told you I was only going to be able to get one journal page in. My two postcards are as follows.

IMG_0835 IMG_0836

These were actually way more fun than I thought they were going to be. For the action one, I had some balloons left over from my birthday party. So, I punched a hole, and tied the balloons on.


At first I only tied on one balloon, and it was just heavy enough to pull the balloon down, so I had to throw it up in the air and try to get a shot of it floating. However, I realized that I had plenty more balloons to tie one to get it to float, so I punched another hole and tied on another balloon.


This set up worked much better, and the card floats like a dream. For my second card, I picked a very important day in the future to write about.

IMG_0849 IMG_0850

Of course, that day would be the day aliens invade the Earth. I think my account is pretty accurate, so I guess we will have to wait and see. I mean, we probably won’t be around by the year 3000, but I feel like deep down in our graves we will be able to tell when it happens.

For my journal pages, I did these.

IMG_0831 IMG_0851

For the first one, I absolutely don’t to mud, so I changed it to represent my tastes better.


I had to clip the book open until it dried because of the glue, but I think it is beautiful. Unfortunately I didn’t plan ahead, and did the messy one first which is why I was uncertain as to if I was going to be able to do my second page by the end of today or not. But when I got home from my walk, the glue had dried and I was able to turn the pages without fear of them being stuck together.


The dotted line is the drive to the track at school, and the solid line is my nine laps around the track. I know a circle isn’t the most exciting walk, so that is why I added the drive as well.

I guess that is all I have for this week. I will await your post on Sunday.



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