Slow, Eventual Wreckage

Dearest Captain Spazzmataz,

I do not know if my fingers even remember how to formulate proper postings any more!  It has been so incredibly long sing I have done one, long enough that I find it valid to use an exclamation point in my first sentence.  And that just does not happen very often.

To briefly recap my life: it has been pretty swell.  Today was my first headache free day since Sunday.  Most of the negative effects I was feeling have dissipated, which I do appreciate.   This weekend was filled with lots of lovely adventures, most of which occurred outside and with puppies.  To think, I thought I would be bored.  Tragically I also spent many dollars this weekend, but at least it was to support local artists.

Anyhow, I’m going to move onto the wreckage as there is much of it!  I apologize for any disorganization.

Because I’ve neglected my posting for so long, I have four of each this week.  Beginning with the postcards, I chose these four.


The first one I completed was the experience map.  And it took surprisingly forever.  My first mistake was using my entire, actual hand, instead of just a tiny toddler hand, which I can only assume is what is on the front of this card.  Nevertheless, I was fairly pleased with the finished product.


Secondly, I decided to experiment with the book’s black hole feature.  So handy, really.  I decided not to affix it to anything particular, and conversely decided to attempt to feed it all of the teacher things I did not want to do.  Obviously, I started with my desk.  This single item in my classroom easily contains 80% of the things I do not want to do.


Tragically, the desk plan did not work out.  I then attempted to go a little smaller and feed it my folders full of papers to grade, but that didn’t work either.  I still graded all of the things.


I had a good amount of fun with the break the rules postcard that was one of your firsts.  It did not turn out nearly as pretty as yours, but I did do all of these things.  I took the picture to prove that I walked on it, and ate while performing other tasks on the card.  Rebellious.  I also now have a paint thumbprint for one of my students.  In the event she decides to commit a felony, I will have the vital missing evidence to seal the deal on her prosecution.


For my last postcard, I used this most excellently outdated dictionary to rise to the posed challenge.


I don’t feel like the almighty postcard creators kept in mind how very many words are in the dictionary.  Because the pages are so close together, and this dictionary is rather large, almost all of my words were in the As.  Still, I made it work.  At this point my brain was semi-melting, so there were quite a few errors.  Sadness.


For my wreckage, I scoffed at the advice.  There is absolutely no need to go to a post office for stamps when schools exist.  I went around the building and petitioned various teachers for use of their ink stamps.  It was actually pretty fun, and they were all enthusiastic about our project.


I completed my next wreckage several days later, whilst I was trapped in Ms. Wood’s room for five hours effectively babysitting five seniors.  Everyone else was testing.  Fortunately, Ms. Wood has lots of those cheesy teacher posters, so I had muy materials for the following wreckage.


Ms. Wood also helped me complete one of the wreckings I never thought would be possible: the barter of a pen for a half piece of paper.  Luckily, Ms. Wood is a generous soul.  We decided it’d be funny to write something cryptic on her half of the paper, which now hangs next to my Super Koala currency on her desktop.  Curiosity abounds.

IMG_8144 IMG_8146 IMG_8147

Also while senior-sitting, I decided to kick the book around on the floor a bunch.  The chilluns were very disturbed by this, but the book got wonderfully dirty.  And isn’t that just the point.

IMG_8148 IMG_8149

So concludes my most lengthy of wreckings!  I am oh, so excited to be seeing you soon!

– Super Koala


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