Sort of Lazy Wrecking (sorry)

Dearest Super Koala,

I have some very exciting news to report today because you did not call. Today, Mr. B and P showed us what our show is going to be next year! I am super excited. It will be so cool (if we can pull it off). The title is Band Together, and it has an anti-bullying theme. This is the first year that will will have popular songs in our show. It is going to open with just some cords with voice over of bullying statistics. Then it will break into Same Love by Macklemore. Then the sort of feud section will include Bring Me to Life by Evanescence. After that is Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, and it closes out with Same Love again. The most exciting part is that I get to be Xtina!!! The soprano sax solo is the melody to Beautiful. I am so excited.

Now on to my Wrecking. I am sorry that it is kind of lackluster. I really ran out of steam when preparing my wrecking because it is so hot in our house. Also, I am missing one journal page because I had a plan, but then it turned out that I didn’t have all of the materials to do it. Whops. Furthermore, I was super prepared to do all of my wrecking outside of the house, but then I sort of forgot about it, and so I once again had to think of something quick to come up with.

For my journal page this week, I did a create your own. I really love playing with the different stitch settings on my sewing machine, so I made the challenge to sew the page. Tragically, it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted. Also, I should have used darker thread. I wanted to make a pretty design, but you can really turn the page when the machine is working out the super complicated stitches.


Also, they got a little sloppy because I accidentally had the width set too small for some of the stitches.

For my postcards, I did the hand map and the time machine. For my had map I learned from your mistake and only did my fingers, however, I accidentally did my left had which doesn’t get used nearly as much as my right. I sat looking at my had for about 20 minutes trying to think of what else I do with it, but I couldn’t think of anything (once again because of the heat). So, this postcard will be a work in progress.


As you can see, my fingertips get used quite a lot, but the rest of my fingers not so much.

My second postcard is a little better.


I wrote about my Hawaii trip and how amazing it was, and how I really want to go back. The bad part about this one is that I tried to draw Hawaiian flowers, but they didn’t turn out so well. I wanted ones that look like they came off of a Hawaiin shirt, so I looked up a picture, but I couldn’t get the shape right. Also, in both attempts, I could not get five petals to fit. Now they just sort of look like the flowers in the sky on Spongebob.

I am sorry for my not too great wrecking, and I promise to try harder next week. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

– Captain Spazzmataz

P.S. Would you be willing to paint my nails tomorrow?


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