1001 Movies: Rain Man

From the Couch of Super Koala:

This movie forever.

(I love how Lestat-esque Tom Cruise looks in this picture.  It’s the hair.)

This movie was so terribly adorable, which was so terribly exciting given how vehemently I disliked it in the beginning.  I started out absolutely loathing basically all of the characters, excluding Raymond.  Which is, of course, the point.  But anyhow.

I had also never seen this movie before.  I know, what am I doing with my life?  I think I liked it so much because it’s kind of a “feel good movie,” but still is a legitimate film telling a complex and moving story of family relationships.  It is one of the few movies I have thus far encountered on the almighty list that left me with a positive feeling at the end, even with that adorable almost crying face Tom Cruise made.  A+ acting, Tommy Boy.

For a movie that revolves around two men in a car, the story line flows together so well.  There are so many moments that could lapse into mundane tedium, but instead each moment is captivating and thought out.  In the first 30 minutes of watching Rain Man, I felt incredibly tired and fully expected to pass out nestled alongside my puppies.  Instead, this movie made me wake up, and I stayed fully alert and interested through the entire two hours and thirteen minutes.  I really can pay it no higher compliment than that because my couch is incredibly comfortable.

Basically, I’m saying 5 stars all day.

Still Captain Spazzmataz, Still Super Koala’s Chair:

This movie was genuinely adorable. I don’t really know any other way to describe it. The actors were great, the filming was great, the story was great, everything was great. It is the only movie so far that I feel like I needed to watch it before I die. And I am happy that I did.

Definitely five stars.


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